How to Use MS Word as Whiteboard

How to Use MS Word as Whiteboard

Hello Geeky, so today we are focusing on How to Use MS Word as Whiteboard. So please read this tutorial carefully so you may comprehend it in a better helpful way.

Guide: How to Use MS Word as Whiteboard

The Microsoft 365 Whiteboard App (also known as Office 365 Whiteboard) is a freeform digital canvas that permits you to make uninhibitedly, team up continuously and save your work to the cloud so you can unite your group, in any event, when everybody is working remotely. We’ve delighted recorded as a hard copy this series and we trust you are partaking in the articles pointed toward assisting you with bettering comprehend and utilize the Microsoft 365 Whiteboard app.

Microsoft Whiteboard is a collaboration tool that permits Microsoft users to quickly share ideas with others. The application permits you and your group to draw or write as in case you are utilizing ink. Albeit designed to work best with a stylus, it’s entirely usable for people with desktop devices.  That said, it has good between application synergy with different projects in the Microsoft Office suite, so assuming you’re as of now utilizing Microsoft tools for your team’s productivity, Whiteboard will be a great new expansion.

There are two options main options, firstly to share a Whiteboard from a Teams meeting and secondly to create a Whiteboard and then share that link.

Sharing Whiteboard from a Team meeting

  • Within a Teams meeting you can access a whiteboard by clicking on share and choosing the Whiteboard option usually on the right.
  • When you choose share Whiteboard you get this screen.
  • If you use Whiteboard in Teams the options are fairly limited with 4 pens to choose and a rubber.
  • Clicking the open in app option produces more options.  Lots of pen choices in the menu at the bottom, highlighter, ruler, insert images, and an insert menu for lots of file options.
  • At the top of the screen is also the settings menu with a range of options including post to Teams (a link) and send the link to OneNote.
  • Microsoft have this video showing all the available features in the Whiteboard app.

Post to Teams

  • For within the Whiteboard app you can open up the whiteboard and choose share in Teams, pick a team and a channel of where you want the link shared.
  • Here is what the post looks like.

Share a Whiteboard from Whiteboard app

  • New whiteboards can be created within the Whiteboard app, they can be renamed and then we can invite students to share the whiteboard app.  When students are invited there is an option to allow them to edit or view.  So using this approach provides an option to have a read only Whiteboard.
  • At the moment there is no straightforward option to change a Whiteboard from collaborative to read only, this is being worked on by the Microsoft Team.
  • Within Glow the setup does not seem to allow the addition of invites by O365 groups or by Team details.

Using more than one device

  • If as a teacher you join the Team meeting with another device then you can use that one to access the Whiteboard and add resources, inking, etc.  For example join the Team meeting on a PC then use your iPAD to add inking.

Using OneNote

  • An alternative option to using Whiteboard is to use the OneNote within Teams as a whiteboard.
  • You could use the the collaborative section within a Team OneNote as a whiteboard for collaboration or could use a page within the content library within a Team OneNote for a read only option.

Using inking in other Office 365 apps (PowerPoint, Word)

  • An additional option for a read only display would be to use PowerPoint and inking or Word and inking.


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