How to use the iOS 15 SMS Filter

How to use the iOS 15 SMS Filter

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Guide: How to use the iOS 15 SMS Filter

The SMS Filter, or SMS Filter, is one of the most exciting features of the Messaging app in iOS 14 for Brazilians. This function use artificial intelligence to recognise undesired communications, such as marketing and scam attempts, in order to keep the iMessage inbox more ordered — depending on the content and sender of the message.

This is a new function that was first launched in iOS 14 for the Indian market and is now available in Brazil thanks to the most recent system upgrade. Although Apple hasn’t given an explanation for the decision, it’s clear that SPAM is a pain that severely degrades our iMessage experience.

On your website, Apple introduces the new SMS Filter feature:

How to enable SMS Filter?

SMS Filter is already enabled natively on iOS 15 and you can see it in action by opening the Messaging app. In it, you will see three special boxes in the “SMS Filter Filtered” section, which are:

  • Transactions
  • Promotions
  • SPAM

Thus, when entering the In the “Acquaintances” box, you’ll feel like you’ve opened iMessage — as you only see messages from your contacts and groups. It’s a much nicer way and should encourage Brazilian users to give preference to Apple’s instant messaging platform.

Note that SMS Filter only moves unwanted messages to different folders, so you can still keep getting notified by them normally.

How to disable SMS Filter?

If you are not satisfied with the feature , you can disable it on iPhone. To do this, just open the Settings app and go to “Messages” > “Unknown and Unwanted”. Finally, uncheck the option “Filter Unknowns”.


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