How To Utilise Kik

How To Utilise Kik

Hello Geeky, so today we are focusing on How To Utilise Kik. So please read this tutorial carefully so you may comprehend it in a better helpful way.

Guide: How To Utilise Kik

Now that you have downloaded and installed the Kik Messenger app for the device you want, as well as create your own Kik account, you are ready to use Kik Messenger! This tutorial will walk you through what you can do in Kik Messenger, too how to log in, there are many different ways to chat with people on Kik, and even how to browse the Internet on Kik for fun little things. Can You Share with Your Friends on Kik!

Once you install the Kik App and Register with your email address, you will arrive on the dashboard. As a quick chat process, the kik app will update your contacts and show you the contacts you are already using the Kik app. This method can apply to close contacts

How to Send Media Files on Kik App?

  • As with regular messaging, you can send a text to the contact. But to share a picture you need:
  • Toggle Switch Image or Video Icon
  • Select media files from Tower or Share live video recording
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How to Find People on the Reading App

  • Kik Messenger only allows username search option:
  • Press “+” in the upper right corner of the Dashboard
  • Click “individual username” to add to your contacts
  • Or Kik allows the use of ‘code’ or ‘Quick Scan’ to find a profile

How to Customize Kik Chat?

You can customize any specific conversation on your kit:

  • First, select the chat you want to customize
  • Open chat and tap Profile or group name
  • Now you can see a list of options
  • Click “Change Chat Theme” and check the list
  • Choose the best one, then Tap “Set Theme”

You can even activate black mode on kik by using the “Black Mode” theme in downloading the existing kik theme. It will activate immediately

How to Join the Chat Group in Kik App?

Kik users can join the Chat Group in two ways:


  • Join the group using kik code,
  • Drag down the main screen on the kik to switch on the Kik code scanner
  • Check the code as mentioned in the Group code and Join the Group

Method 2:

  • On the main dashboard, press “+” button
  • Then turn on the “Public Group icon”
  • Now, find the Group names in the ‘Local Group Selection’
  • Once you see the Group, press “+” Button

How to Create a Private Group on Kik?

Kik has a unique feature of creating a Private Group, You can keep the Group public by using Privacy feature.

  • Click “+” on the top corner of the Dashboard, select “Start a Group”
  • Find Kik users you want to add to the group
  • Then Add group name and Image
  • Finally, click “Start”
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How to Activate / Disable Notifications of Chat

By default, Kik allows alerts for chat Receive or send based on access to the recipient

  • If you want to remove alerts for delivery traffic, navigate to Settings
  • Click Notifications, then Turn Off “Switch” for delivery traffic

How to read text messages on Kik without them knowing

Kik not with Built-in feature to keep the Message read traffic. But you can actually read the messages with one trick

  • Once you get the message on Kik app
  • Turn off Internet connection or Activate flight mode
  • Open the kik application, Read the received text message
  • After reading the message, turn off the key application
  • Now Turn on the Internet or Disable Airplace mode to restrict the app from sending message delivery reports to the server.

How to Block someone on Kick App?

  • Kik Messenger has a block list on the chat application itself:
  • Go to Settings option on Kik app
  • Select the “Chat” settings and navigate to the Block Menu
  • Click “+” in the upper right corner, find usernames
  • Open the profile, then add Menu to Dina


Guide about How To Utilise Kik

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