How To Watch HGTV without Cable

How To Watch HGTV without Cable

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Guide: How To Watch HGTV without Cable

HGTV (starting point for Home & Garden Television) is an American commercial TV channel owned by Discovery, Inc. The network publishes related reality programs home progress and real estate. In February 2015, approximately 95,628,000 American households (82.2% of households with television) received HGTV. The network was purchased by Discovery, Inc. in 2018 and has since risen to # 4 in view among cable networks.

Sure, you want to cut the cables, but what about HGTV? Some of us can only wait that long without seeing someone see the small house of our dreams or do a remodel-up in 30 minutes (not reading commercials). Unless you are on a budget like most couples in the Outside House (how can they afford these points, even if the woman is an unhealthy classmate?), You may be interested in finding a cheaper way. money to get HGTV. Fortunately, there are many ways to get your hands on an HGTV live stream. Here it is how to watch HGTV without cables.

Streaming devices

Streaming devices can easily be your first go-to option for searching up a channel. Both Fire TV and Roku always offer great options, but unfortunately, you will not be able to find HGTV streaming on either device. However, both devices have a Sling TV application, which can then record, pre-up for and watch HGTV from. If you really want to get a streaming device, downloading Sling TV on it will be the only way you can watch HGTV through a streaming application. However, there are also many streaming services that let you watch HGTV without a hitch. Check them out below.

How To Watch HGTV Live Online Without Cable

Sling TV

As mentioned earlier, you can watch HGTV using Sling TV. You can download the application on streaming and view it, as mentioned above. Or, you can go to their website and register-up per package – if you pay for a certain amount of months, you can get some free streaming application built into it.

To watch HGTV on Sling TV, you will need to register up for either Sling TV’s Orange or Blue package. HGTV is in either one. You can watch on your Android phone or tablet, especially. And if you are unsure about diving in, remember that you can cancel anytime – no deals! On top of that, Sling let us look free for the first seven days as a test.


Another great place to watch HGTV live online is the new Hulu Hulu with Live TV service. It gives you access to the Hulu library, but in addition, it also gives you a good Live TV. One of the channels in that package is HGTV, allowing you to watch it live wherever you can stream Hulu – your TV, Android smartphone, tablet, and so on.

It is a little pricey – not nearly as cheap as Sling TV; however, before you start giving them money, Hulu offers a 7-day trial.

DirecTV Baby

AT & T’s DirecTV Now is another service that will allow subscribers to watch HGTV online; however, you will need to subscribe to the “Move More” package for DirecTV to give you that channel. This is DirecTV’s most basic subscription now, so it will be a little more expensive than Hulu with Live TV, but more expensive than Sling. But, much like other services, you can watch DirecTV Now almost anywhere – on TV, on it phone, tablets, etc.! It was a great choice for those who attended.


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How To Watch HGTV without Cable
How To Watch HGTV without Cable
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