How To Watch Live TV on Kodi

How To Watch Live TV on Kodi

Hello Geeky, so today we are focusing on How To Watch Live TV on Kodi. So please read this tutorial carefully so you may comprehend it in a better helpful way.

Guide: How To Watch Live TV on Kodi

Yes, it is true – It does not allow you to live streaming TV channels. And we are also talking about a huge selection of TV channels available to you from all over the world. To do this, you need to know what plugins to install. So let us help you find the best Kodi Live TV extras out there. As you will see in a minute, watching live TV by Kodi is a viable option. We managed to find a group of plugins, many of which were in the Kodi staff repository (so they could be safely installed and used). This means that installing them should take a few minutes of your time.

Also, most of these are free, which USB hacks will love. Given that we have so many options ahead of us, let’s start with our list of the best Kodi plugins for live TV viewing.

How to Watch Live TV on Code Using a Added Live TV

These free plugins are a great bet, and their installation process is easy.

  • Select Downloads at the bottom of the list of tabs.
  • Scroll down and click Add Video.
  • Scroll through the menu until you find the extension you want, then select.
  • It will take you to a page dedicated to the selected plugin. Below, select Trust to find the type of software that will be installed for the plugin to work normally. When finished, select Cancel to back up.
  • Return to the Extras page, select Install to install your plugin. It will also show you the credentials again. Select OK to continue.
  • Kodi will record and install additional and all necessary credentials. You will see notifications when each is successfully installed, while final message will let you know your installations.
  • Return to the Extensions Code page. At this point, select the Additional Video tab. You will see a new pop-up download up in the main part of the window. Select to launch.
  • It will open your plugin. From there, you can browse through and find a TV stream to start watching!

How to Watch Live TV on Google Chrome

This method will only work if Google Chrome is on your device. Add is available for Kodi which can launch Google Chrome installation of your device in kiosk mode, meaning there are no boundaries. It offers the functionality of a regular application and in combination with the available web interface for many streaming services. The result is always smooth and easy-to navigate experience.

How to Watch Live TV on Code With PVR

There are a few ways to watch live TV via PVR on Kodi. You can connect to an existing PVR device that has a network in your hometowns you can set up up Tuna TV card on your computer running Kodi. Either way, Kodi offers a set of additional PVR client plugins that you can use to connect to your PVR and watch live TV directly through Kodi.


Guide about How To Watch Live TV on Kodi

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How To Watch Live TV on Kodi
How To Watch Live TV on Kodi
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