How to Increase Website Traffic For Free

How to Increase Website Traffic For Free -

Are you struggling to increase your website traffic for free, as you have tried everything from paid ads to SEO?

Many of you always wonder SEO as the only path to getting free and cheap traffic to your website. Despite the fact that if you are smart enough to get on the first page of Google. SEO produce outcome over the particular period of time includes some of the factors like keywords, meta, a title of your website, in fact, it can take much more time to be an effective strategy for increasing traffic.

I don’t want to say that gaining web traffic is probably the livelihood for any online business. Let me tell you why?

  • No traffic, no leads
  • No leads, no sales
  • No sales, no business

Besides the real truth is increasing your website traffic is the much crucial part of a website or any particular business. Increasing traffic is a never-ending responsibility and you have to be constant while doing it if you really want to improve your traffic and also let your audience to stay & remains your potential audience.

Here are some of the Ways To Increase Website Traffic for Free

Social Appearance

Today’s image of social networks platforms is well known by all that how much important it is becoming day by day. Maintain a good facebook page of your website, professional page of LinkedIn and Quora, Remember the hashtags of Twitter and Instagram, regular post your content on Google+ and LinkedIn, Quora.

Always be present to give the answers of your audience comments over the social media pages. As much as you increase the engagement with your niche audience, you will drive more & more traffic to your website.

Frequently Update the Content of Your Site

Between old and new, the people always prefer the new one because it is based on the present conditions of the particular niche. Similarly, if you regularly create valuable and relevant content and keep updating it for a specific period of time, then chances becomes high for getting better traffic results on a regular basis.

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Just reminding you the old saying about content that it is a king, so to build up a potential and targeted audience updates the content regularly because it is liked by the public as well as the search engines.

Organic Local Search Listings

We all know the power of local business listing, that basically, based on your city, town, region or whether a state name. If anyone in your local area wants any services or product offered by you then that person can find you very easily if you are on the first page of the search engine like Google, Bing, Yahoo in your local area listing. The struggle is not so high and can be ranked easily as well as give you some extra business.

How To Rank Your Local Business Website


Presently, the forum is an excellent source for gaining visitors attention towards your website. By becoming part of any well-established forums such as Reddit, Quora, etc. you can independently share your views and show the millions about the strength of your content and business, and because of this, you will automatically gain a good amount of traffic audience relates to your niche.

With the help of URLs in the forum, signatures play a vital role to gain much better traffic. When you posts liked by the peoples on forums and they will surely click on the link to your website on your signature to know more about you and your business.

Research the Competition

It is always stated that keep your eye active on your competitors to be in the game.

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Have you ever used tools like BuzzSumo to know about your competitors content strategy and if not you’re making a big mistake.It will help in analyzing what content performs best for any topic or competitor. Basically, it will calculate the social performance of specific websites and content to present you with a real & actual view of readers queries and, mainly show the total shares on social network platforms. Isn’t too much helpful to find out what actually people are interested in searching, and follow the same content to bring the right amount of traffic to your website.

Link Internally

The power of your link building isn’t entirely based on how many websites return with the link and can be influenced by the internal linking formation. Whenever you are writing content, just make sure not to miss the shots for internal links because it will surely support your SEO and also make helpful & much better experience for the audience and results in improving traffic to your website.

Long-Tail Keywords

Till now have you ever target Longtail keywords? If no then it’s time to use long-tail keywords. Long-tail keywords help us in multiple and different ways on web searches, that means if you’re not aiming them as part of your paid search or SEO attempts, you’re making a big mistake. So for better engagement with the search engine, start using longtail keywords.

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is still active for the ones who really wants to grab the opportunity to drive some free traffic. By securing a guest post on a well-known and authorized website can increase blog traffic to your website and will make your business popular. My suggestion is to be careful, as rules for guest blogging have changed entirely during last year, and any kind of suspicious or spammy strategy could result in a real penalty by search engines.

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Outsource SEO

You can always outsource SEO projects on sites like Fiver, elance, freelancer and Odesk. You’ll get many people offering to do it for 20-30$ so give the project to two or three people, and it should help. SEO is not that difficult and if you want to get familiar with it, in a nutshell, check this SEO study material below.

What is SEO?

15 minutes for SEO Tips


Getting traffic for free is a broad topic, and it is not possible to list all the ways to do it in a short period of time. However, if you learn the crucial ways that mentioned in the above article Ways To Increase Website Traffic for Free and by you implement them properly, you will surely be able to gain lots of website traffic for free. If, I missed out something, please let me know in the comment section. Love to hear from you guys!

Love to hear from you guys!

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