Local SEO: How To Rank Your Local Business Website

Local SEO: How To Rank Your Local Business Website

If we talk about Local Business in Google search, boost up your website in the first three packs of Google in your local area is very essential. In 2017, we all know the worth of SEO, to optimize your website and make visible for our clients in a simple and easy way who may be searching for your local business. Let me tell you, 60% of all mobile searches are led for finding local search results.

(But times have changed Because Google works have changed)

The main thing known about SEO strategies who uses it for a regular period of time is that it changes time to time. On the side of local SEO, it is becoming too much crucial and evolving more quickly than ever before to optimizing a website for better results. Local conflict is rising up, and if you do not get yourself on the top, then there are many others folks out there for taking place and led you down.

Having in mind to get more traffic and hearings from your local area then Local SEO will be assigned at the top of your advertising plan.

Have you ever think:

  • Ways to get your website on the 1st page Google in your local city?
  • Personalization of your local business website?
  • Ways to do business with your site?
  • Content strategy for your local business website?

Then the following SEO techniques are for YOU, and you can implement to get results from your local SEO strategy.

Guide / Ways for Local SEO to rank your local business website

Google My Business

Don’t have Google My Business page? Then, claim your Google My Business page.

Google My Business (GMB) is mainly referred as a directory but what I assumed is that it is more than that. It plays a vital role, for local businesses to get their Google My Business and Bing Places for Bing Business page. Basically, It is free service and also helps you to get incredible popularity that your business really needs to get succeed.

If you want to claim your Google My Business page, here are steps 

  • Visit google.com/business
  • Verification process by filling some of your business information
  • Google itself will send a postcard with a PIN inside to your business’s physical location that you have mentioned.
  • Now just log in again google.com/business and enter the PIN inside the postcard to verify your business.

It’s nothing but only a simple verification Google method that is required to verify that your business is authorized and you are real & actually owns a business.

Note: According to Google’s terms of service, only the business owner can claim a GMB page. If you are in a running deal with any other digital marketing firm because of your SEO skills, then be a manager of your page so in that way you will be the real owner of that page, if there will be any conflict of yours would be taken place with the firm.

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As suggested above, Bing also has a page for local businesses called Bing Places for Business. The method is same as of GMB, and just make sure to have your business listed on Bing’s local directory, too.

All you need to know is that once you’ve set it up, you should include the following:

  • Exact Name/Address/Phone number/Web address (NAP+W)
  • Filled it with the correct categories
  • Upload appealing cover photo and other photos
  • Create a unique description of your business that includes marking points
  • Add an Address/Special offer/Call-to-action in your description if you want
  • Get visible on Google Street View
  • Have 5 reviews on your Google My Business page
  • Reply to all reviews & comments
  • Add your opening times/days

Understand the problem and Give the solution

The most successful websites over the internet not only focus on content but also on much other issues and factors that become useful to their assigned audience like Benefits, Communities, Forums and much more helpful resources.

So basically the purpose is to give people something valuable, engaging, interactive, appealing, etc. What kinds of difficulties your potential customers are dealing with? Find a way that can help them to resolve their issues.

Let’s discuss some of the examples: Will your audience will take interest indulge in an online community/forum dedicated to their problems, or any other entertaining things they like? If you have the ability to confess people and make them discuss the things that you are creating in your valuable ‘content.’

Formulating communications is stronger than creating content. You don’t need “high content” to get some links. You only need something valuable and helpful to the web and your potential customers.

Social Network Content

Thinking about the future of keeping in about social media platforms, content from social network platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn will gain more attention on the SERPs as compared to any other web content. Talking about marketers, 86% of them use Social platforms to maintain and expand SEO more effectively. In 2017, marketers doing everything that is possible to get their Facebook or tweet posts higher place on the SERPs.

So, just find and use your valuable social posts for optimizing your website for driving traffic and popularity. If we talk about brand names, social network profiles are the prime results in search listings. For instance, if you search “SuccessForBlogging” on Google, then the website Facebook, Twitter and the LinkedIn page will emerge as the top results. See for yourself!

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Local SEO: How To Rank Your Local Business Website - successforblogging.com

Your Website

According to a research 30% of the small businesses but as we all know that website is a most important part to gain good ranking in your local search results. If you desire to grow your local or international business, then you should have a dynamic website with the latest business themes.

The main factors that include the structure of your site, and place where you have placed the calls to action icon/option, plays a vital role. I personally suggested you for using WordPress to build up your local business website and using understanding, dynamic web design.

Create your stunning website

NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number)/Citations consistency

Just make sure that you are showing full business name, address and phone number NAP(Citations) on every page of your website. Besides, you have to use the correct details of your address on other sites (i.e. local citations). Consistency is the key here to gain the trust of Google. Opposing data from various unusual sources lowers it. So just clean up those citations.

You will also have to use Schema.org markup on your NAP to give the proper and correct information to search engines so that they can display the exact information of your business.

What Makes Up The Ranking Algorithm

Want to know how Google algorithms pick the best possible websites to rank first in its local search? The main parts include citations, reviews, backlinks and on-site SEO strategies.

The sources mentioned below are the perfect study material to know how Google works, and what are its constituents includes in ranking algorithms.

Know your audience

Want to know what is your audience searching on the search engine like Google to find the services you are offering in your location?

These posts will surely give you an incredible knowledge of keywords your audience genuinely interested in:

Keyword Research for SEO in 2017

Local Reviews

Local reviews of your business work like a big wall for local SEO. The impact of local reviews on your Google business page and on other review websites like Google+, the Facebook page has a significant influence on your local rankings in your area. According to research, 94% of people trust online reviews as compared to a personal reference.

And here I am not only pointing out towards Google reviews but as well as gaining reviews on your Yelp page too (used by Apple maps), along with other local listing directories. Your first priority should always be Google reviews. Google also counts Quantity & Quality, genuine reviews from your clients will undoubtedly increase your business’s visibility and popularity which plays a vital role towards ranking in your local area.

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Optimize the most important on-page factors

On-page SEO is very essential for both whether its local businesses or any other business.

Beginners, you have to choose keywords that target your audience queries. Long tail keywords are powerful, and also Hummingbird algorithms are allowing Google to understand questions much better than before, and keywords is still a crucial part of SEO.

While Google shutdowns the AdWords Keyword tool, but provide us with a new Keyword Planner to discover keywords and quietly its kind and supportive.

How you can use GKP?

Here are a few on-page things you’ll want to try to optimize:

  • Title
  • Meta Description
  • Heading Tags
  • Images
  • Use local structured data markup
  • Internal linking(Make sure that every page on your site is accessible from at least one link elsewhere on your site)
  • Page loading time
  • Mobile Optimization

Email Marketing

Email marketing is much useful & alive and can still be used smartly to form more clients in your local area and covered up social media’s when it comes to conversions.

If you do not have any Email list of your local clients – you need to have one.


Other Useful Local SEO Resources

SEO posts would appear incomplete without referring some more useful resources that will support towards your local area & business. So, here they are…

How To Rank Your Local Business

Local SEO for WordPress plugin

Improve SEO Content Strategy

How to Attract Local Customers


Advertising approaches are must for a local business to succeed on the web. Pointing out your focus from content marketing to Communities, Forum and understanding the strategies I have mentioned above you can overshadow the investment of your competitor.

Surely, you get to know something important today, and I would appreciate if you share this post( Local SEO to rank your local business website) within your circle to share some knowledge. If you have anything to add and think that I have missed something, let me know in the comment section below.

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