MacBook charger not working! How to fix a Mac that won’t charge

MacBook charger not working! How to fix a Mac that won’t charge

If your MacE-book Pro is not charging or your MacE-book Air charger is not working, it can be a race against time when the battery is empty. In this article, we’ll look at the possible explanation of why your Mac laptop might not be charging and how you can fix the problem.

We may also look at what to do if your Apple laptop doesn’t bother you as you have to be ready to use the marketed 10 hours.

Why isn’t my MacE book charging?

There can also be a simple reason why your MacE Air or Pro book is not charging. Start with these simple checks to decide what the problem is:

  1. We have to ask ourselves … Is the MacE book linked? Disconnect the charging cable from the laptop and reconnect it.
  2. Also check the outlet. Is the socket switched on? Have you tried using a completely different outlet? We know that all of this sounds a bit primary. However, check this earlier than if you hold out.
  3. Make sure that your energy adapter is properly connected. Each Apple laptop adapter consists of 2 elements, the square adapter and the removable plug that is connected to the wall, as well as the charging cable. Pull the 2 aside and reassemble it.
  4. What does your Apple adapter look like? Is it in an immaculate situation or does it have cracks in the cable? Is the adapter discolored in one method? Does it look burned out? In this case, try a different adapter (borrow one from a friend or ask at an Apple store).
  5. Check your Apple laptop’s setup port for mud. This can prevent the connector from establishing a unique connection to the Mac and you can no longer charge it properly.
  6. Finally, click on the battery symbol in the menu bar. If it says “Service Battery”, you most likely want your battery to be replaced. The battery is out of date and may not be able to keep charging as quickly as possible.
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Find out if your Mac has been called back

Check if your Mac – especially the battery – has been recalled. We have details of all of Apple’s memories here.

In summer 2019, Apple called back a few MacE book professionals due to battery overheating considerations. Click the link for data on how to improve the 15-inch MacE-Book Pro battery for devices purchased between 2015 and 2017. In addition, a recall from MacE-Book Pro-Mode (not Touch Bar) 2016-2017 regarding a parts failure that causes the built-in battery to increase, details here.

Your Mac’s charger can also be part of a callback. For security reasons, Apple has recalled some of its stores to find out if yours are affected.

After you’ve ruled out the options above, you can move on to the more superior options.

Reset the battery

The method of resetting your MacE-Book, MacE-Book Pro, or MacE-Book Air battery depends on the age of your Mac.

If it’s old enough to have a removable battery (unlikely if bought after 2012), you can really take the battery away. Then disconnect the setup adapter and press and hold the setup key for 10 seconds before changing the battery. Then reconnect the setup adapter. Restarting the Mac should fix the problem.

However, your Mac is unlikely to have a removable battery. How can you reset the battery? In this case, you want to reset the SMC, which stands for the System Management Controller, a chip on your Mac’s board that controls the setup.

Reset the SMC

Resetting the SMC helps with battery and power problems. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Shut down the MacE book.
  2. Connect the system adapter.
  3. Hold down Ctrl + Shift + Option / Alt and the power key for about 4 seconds. Then start all 4 together.
  4. Press the function key to restart the Mac.
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If you want to know more, read the entire tutorial on resetting the SMC. See also: Repair a Mac.

Let the Mac wait

If the above recommendation is not helpful, it is best to take your MacE book to Apple (or an Apple retailer) for service, and may even consider changing the battery.

You want to know if your Mac can be operated by Apple. It depends on whether the Mac is still under warranty or if you have AppleCare. You can use this method to check whether you are insured or not:

  1. Click here to go to the Apple Service and Help website.
  2. Enter your series quantity (you can find it by clicking the Apple menu> About This Mac).
  3. Prove you’re not a robot.

You may be directed to a website that explains what protection you may have. In our case, this means that customer laws may apply and suggests talking to an advisor.

If you may have an Apple cover or your Mac is still under warranty, you can easily set it up for recovery. Check out the choices here. We recommend starting the power supply> charging suggestions or troubleshooting. You’ll see options that you can discuss with Apple, schedule a dialog, start a chat, or take with you to restore.

We have this article on Mac repair.

Battery discharges too quickly

If your MacE-Book battery continues to lose charge or simply doesn’t keep charging, there are a few issues to check.

The first name is to make sure that your settings do not discharge the battery (as described below). We also recommend that you check that the MacE book is not part of a recall (as described above).

  1. Open the system settings and select Settings> Sleep mode.
  2. Make sure the Computer Sleep and Screen Sleep sliders aren’t the best way to do the best (set to Never).
  3. If so, click the Standard button to reset it.
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Our last recommendation could be not to leave your connected MacE book regularly. It’s cute to have the battery fully discharged and sometimes recharge it.

We have the next recommendation to extend battery life.

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