Mylikes earning Tricks of 2020

Mylikes earning Tricks of 2020

Hello fellas here, I am focusing on Mylikes earning Tricks of 2020. So please read this tutorial carefully so you may comprehend it in a better useful way.

Guide: Mylikes earning Tricks of 2020

Mylikes Service is down now, Down Forever? The site 2has been unreachable for more than 150 days. If the site is live or if you have further information about the site status, please comment below… Or read this new guide about How To Make Money Online: 12 Ideas To Get You Started

Find out how to Earn money from home online with Mylikes

Mylikes earning Tricks – Earn money from home online: Are you looking for ways to Earn money from home online? Here is The Best way that you can start making money almost instantly! Before we get started, I want to let you realize that this method will not give you that $100 per day you’re dreaming off, but it is enough to make you further $5 to $10 every day you could re-invest on-line and build a business that’s sure to bring passive income. Ever come throughout the phrase- earn when you sleep? Here is my personal review of Mylikes read this article? Mylikes review.

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This method is a SURE FIRE WAY to make you earn your first $5 Online at this time. Come to think about it, are you in search of a make money online fast method? You’re in the right place. Let begin-

Dear Reader, this is not fake you can see screenshot below that I earned daily $30 approx. With my mylikes account. I have a big network on Twitter and Pinterest that’s why I earned this much. Even you can earn this much but in starting I am sure you have not a large amount of Twitter and Pinterest followers but one thing for sure more you hard work on your social network sites more you earned.

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Trick 1. How you can Earn money from home online easy $5 a day with Pinterest and

Here is my list of money making methods so that you can choose from additionally I’ve compiled lists of the way to make cash online of 2020.

1. Create Account On Mylikes

You will want to create an account at It’s free to create an account, and it’ll take only less than Three minutes, for many who are new to– it’s a site that may be the a focus on the Pay-Per-Click(PPC) basis. That means You get paid for each and every click on to your link, similar to Google AdSense. You’ll create a publisher account. If you don’t know how to create an account on my likes, you can also read this article How To Create Account on Mylikes.

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2. My likes Campaigns

After creating your account, you might be able to earn that first $$ by promoting a great deal of campaigns available!

3.  Share Campaigns with Getting Web Link Options

Like I said above, there shall be lots of campaigns, click on “Get Web Link” and your selected campaign will get added to your My likes the Personal site. View your my likes website by clicking “View site” option on the highest of, In case you are not to see it, then you want a pair of Google glass. It’s a big blue button. Find it! It’s the re. See Image below for more details.

mylikes earning ways

4. Choose multiple campaigns 

Select various campaigns so that you’ll have a beautiful mini-site on It doesn’t matter how your my likes mini-site appear like, though, we’re only focusing on the campaigns.

5. Time to get paid

Like acknowledged above, whenever you click on the “Get Web link” option, you might be given the link that’s shareable on multiple social websites. When people click on in your link, you get paid! Easy? Sure, that’s the purpose of this post! However, the amount you receive per click on depends on the place your audience is located. Apparently, in case you are getting clicks from the USA, Europe, and so on. You get paid handsomely.

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6. Promote campaigns with social networking site (For example- Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter)

Okay, your mini website is prepared, and the campaigns are in place, it’s time to start sharing it along with your audience or your networks of friends… this time, our audience might be coming from

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7. Create Account On Pinterest

Create your Pinterest account at and it’s free and can take lower than 2 minutes to create. When you have a Pinterest account already, then you may skip this step. Or you can choose other Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

8. Install Pinterest Pin it addon

You have to install the Browser ‘Pinterest Pin it’ add-on on your PC. Now this step will play a major role to make this method successful. We’re going to install the “Pinterest Pin it” addon on firefox. You can do that by looking for the addon on the Firefox add-ons manager.

9. Use My likes campaigns as Pins on

Now we’re going to be using our My likes campaigns as Pins on – still on Firefox, you’ll SEE the Pinterest addon button on the high proper side of your PC. Whereas on a particular campaign that you’ve got the “net link” to, click on the addon button. It is going to make your website’s campaign’s photos into Pinnable Images. You’ll have to search out the picture related to your campaign from wherever. Pin pictures from those campaigns which you’re certain will get noticed and clicks from your viewers. Be sure you are logged into your account and whenever you click the pin its button, the image will likely be posted on your Pinterest board.

10. Get paid when user clicks on your pins

If you pinned an image on Pinterest, the image supply is also provided under for users to go to. When a user clicks on the “source link”, it’s your Pinterest “web link” that you just had created when taking up the campaign. You get paid when people click on in your “web hyperlink” and that is simply it, the more people click on it, the more cash you earn. To get extra clicks, make sure you take up winning campaigns.

11. Time to check your Earning on your My likes account

While you begin getting more visitors to your links, you will notice the $$$ adding up even sooner. And don’t forget to connect your PayPal account to your my likes account to get paid!

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In case you have followers on Twitter, you can share your Pinterest links and get much more links! Also, if you will get more followers on your Pinterest, you’ll see the $$$ adding up faster.

This method works, and if you’re in search of a solution to make quick cash online, then you have it here. You don’t want to invest any money. That is my tweak for earning money with

Tip: Use The Bitly service to shorten your URL. This is a necessary to get more click.

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Trick 2. Make $50 A Day On Twitter With Mylikes

This trick I’ll write about Earn money from home online $5 to $50 a day with your Twitter account. This is an article in tips on how to make cash with Twitter followers. Have some ways to earn online money with Twitter; you’ll be able to choose a way you can do. I think it’s best to choose a minimum of 3 ways to make money with Twitter. After that, I’ll guide you earn money with Twitter on

1. Create Accounts on Twitter and Mylikes

First, I created an account with Mylikes. The site pays as much as 0.04, per click on, and all you need to do is spread the link. The factor is, this site offer numerous trending articles, so the re’s more than enough content. All you need to do is choose one and spread the link.

After that created a Twitter account, create a MyLikes account. To ensure that your Twitter account to get accepted for the next, please be sure to have a Bio(Anything you want), a profile picture, a background image, and about 20 tweets. Just tweet slowly, about anything you want. Sign up for twiend. All it’s important to do is log in to their site, using Twitter. In case your account is pending, then you have to wait 1-2 days.

2. Use Third-party Twitter Service Like Twiends

I use twiends to get a fair amount of twitter followers. Twiends is a follow back sort program, so when you follow someone, you receive seeds, and at the identical time, other people will probably be following you back. As soon as I hit my daily limit on Twiends (You’ll be able to follow max 1,000), I go to twitclub, and you will get 100 free daily followers. Just follow the 100 people, they automatically follow back.

For twiends, follow everyone offering you seeds. Don’t follow anybody that says “O seeds.” Once you follow everyone on that page, hit reload and do the same thing again. Once you accumulate around 50 seeds, wait till your seeds run all the way down to 10 (Usually takes 20 minutes, or less), then continue to follow more people until you hit your daily normal limit.

3. Get some fake Followers

As soon as I’ve around 5K followers, takes 5-8 days max, I bought 10K fake followers from Fiverr. This cost $5. Fake followers are important because they add a professional type feel. People will have a tendency to retweet/read your message more if you have more following.

4. 5K real + 13K fake brought me up to 17K

5. Use Hashtag In your Tweets 

Now you should start a trend that goes viral. The most recent I did was “#earnmoneywithtwitter are 5-0! Our time is now! Take a look at what others are saying (Your link here)” for a trend to go viral, most of the peoples have to be talking about it. You can do two things here.

  • Begin a new pattern, or
  • Get an exciting trend, and go from the re. If you are going to be working with an exciting trend, take a look at how many retweets the top comments have. If it has less 2.5k RT, then you’ll be able to work with it.
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You can find #Tag trend in a particular area by Selecting your location. Now, while after using step 6 of this tutorial, the tweet was on the top of the list. It has bounce 2.5K Retweets, to over 11,000.

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6.  Again Get lots of retweets with Fiverr

Now all you need is lots of retweets. You’ll be able to go on Fiverr for this, and there are a several selling 2,500 retweets for $5. All you need to do is wait 24 hours for the seller, and your tweet will either be the first under that hashtag or among the very top. Now, of course, this Atlanta Falcon was just ane example, same with #UseSocialMediaforGood, so see what works best. Another great one is #10ThingsIHate Find a good joke, and you can link to an article.

7. Time to earn lot of money with your retweets

And watch the money scroll in. People shall be retweeting because your tweet is at the top, interested people will click on your link, and most times, the tag shall be trending for a couple of days submit you huge profits.

Recommended TIP: *Use the Bitly service to shorten your URL. This is necessary to get more click. You can also use other shorten URL services like

For more You’ll be able to go to how to make money with Twitter or the way to make money with Facebook or the way to get extra money on-line, you will get some other ways.

We hope you enjoy the article ’Mylikes earning Tricks  – Earn money from home online’ Stay tuned for more updates.

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