The 8 Best Google Chrome Extensions for Sellers

The 8 Best Google Chrome Extensions for Sellers

If you’re not yet using Google Chrome extensions, miss them. The Chrome Web Store has tons of great extensions that make you feel like you’ve got an entire team behind you. The competition uses them. Why isn’t it Here are the 8th best Google Chrome extensions for Seller. Read more: How to remotely access another computer from your computer

List of Best Google Chrome extensions

Add to the miracle list

With this extension you can save almost everything you find online in your Wunderlist. In addition, the entire list is synchronized on all devices. This is ideal for people who come across things that they say they will look at later. Reduce distractions by adding something to your wonder list and accessing it at the right time.


Prioritab is intended for people who do not want a complete task list but want to keep up with the priorities. This simple little extension opens a user interface when you open a new tab. It shows you the priorities you have and how far you are in the working day, week and month.


The point is an excellent tool for collaboration. This extension makes it easy to share content between employees, friends, and potential customers. It contains a chat panel where everyone can read and speak about the content in real time. This is also useful if you use email to share content.

CloudHQ Sync

If you have files distributed in the cloud, you need CloudHQ. This extension syncs with all of your cloud services and puts everything in your Google Drive account in one place. CloudHQ is synchronized with many different cloud services, including OneNote, Evernote, OneDrive, Gmail, Basecamp, Dropbox, SharePoint and more.

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This extension is a must for users who run a lot of Google Apps. A dropdown menu will be created that will allow you to access any Google app. Take a look and you’ll even find the lesser known tools and shortcuts.

Strict workflow

If you are easily disturbed, you can benefit from Strict Workflow. One of the most popular techniques for productivity is the Pomodoro productivity method. With this method, you work 25 minutes and then take a five-minute break. With Strict Workflow you can structure these “pomodoros” and block the websites that steal your attention during working hours. Of course, you also plan regular breaks in which you can switch to Twitter, Facebook and everything else you can use to relax.

HubSpot sales

HubSpot sales are the ultimate tool for B2B sales professionals. This platform offers you a wealth of information about people and companies on the Internet and about people with whom you interacted by email. This includes the title, company name, contact information and social media profiles, as well as the most recent posts on social media. HubSpot Sales gives you instant insight into a company as you browse their website. Provides company history, contact information, annual sales, leadership, and valuable contact information such as phone numbers and email accounts.

HubSpot goes one step further and offers email tracking. This way you can find out who opened your emails, where they were and whether they clicked on links. You can also create your email templates to spend less time reading and replying to emails and tracking how potential customers interact with customers.

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Nethunt CRM

How close is your sales management process to your inbox? If your offers are processed by email, check out NetHunt CRM. It is a sales management system that is stored in your Gmail account. This allows you to turn emails into offers, customers or tasks and manage them via a Kanban-style dashboard, similar to Trello.

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