How to Check Laptop’s Battery Health in Windows 10

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Guide: How to Check Laptop’s Battery Health in Windows 10

The Battery Report function in Windows 10 determines whether your PC power supply is nearing the end of its life or still has some life in it. Here it is how to keep track of how long you have been there laptop’s battery and.

Favorite electronics are powered by batteries, but they should not last forever. The good news is that Windows 10 laptops provide a Battery Report tool that shows if your battery is working or has reached the end of its life. You can create an HTML file with battery usage data, power history, and life statistics with just a few clicks. This report will let you know if you need to replace it long before it fails.

Generate a Battery Report in PowerShell

The Battery Report is initiated by Windows PowerShell, a command line built into it that may not have been used before. The easiest way to access it is to right-click on the Start icon and select Windows PowerShell (Admin) from the menu that appears. Popup-up window may ask permission to make changes to your device; say yes.

The PowerShell blue command window will appear, allowing you to enter commands to automate certain tasks within Windows 10. Click or paste powercfg / batteryreport / out “C: battery-report.html” into the window and press Enter to run the command.

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PowerShell will tell you the name of the battery life generated by the HTML file and where it is stored on your computer. In this case, it is called battery-report.html and is stored on the C drive. Now you can safely turn off PowerShell.

See the Battery Report

Open Explorer Manager and access PC C. There should be a battery life report saved as an HTML file. Double-click the file to open in the desired web browser.

The report will outline your health plan laptop battery, how well it is doing, and how long it can last. At the top of the Battery Report, you will find basic information about your computer, followed by the battery details.

Inside Recent use section, take note of each time the laptop running on battery power or connected to AC power. All payments over the last three days are tracked in Battery use part. You can also get a full history of battery usage under documentation Usage history part.

Them Battery power history section shows how power has changed over time. On the right is the Design Capacity, or how many batteries are designed to hold. On the left, you can see the current charging capacity of your laptop Battery, which is likely to decrease the more time you use your device.

This leads us to the Battery life statistics part. On the right, you will see how long it should depend on the design power; on the left, you will see how long it is actually lasting. We currently, final battery life charge is at the bottom of the report. In this case, my PC will run at 6:02:03 in design power, but will currently stand for 4:52:44.

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