How to Fix ‘Alarm Not Working’ Issue on Android Devices

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Guide: How to Fix ‘Alarm Not Working’ Issue on Android Devices

The smartphone is the center of our lives, from receiving emails to managing bank transactions and making buyers. Sometimes it is easy to overlook one of the most important resources available to us up every morning alarm. But if it does not work properly, it can cause stress for more than just our sleep schedule. Fortunately, this issue is easy to resolve and often happens due to minor tweaks in the system. Here are some things to try if your Android alarm does not go away.

If you start setting the alarm now that kids are returning to school, you may have seen it on your Android phone that did not set any alarm.

Restart the smartphone

The first troubleshooting step to resolve issues in electronics is to restart them, and the same goes with it mobile phone. One study states that people do not restart their cell phone, and that it is constantly on the move for years. Restarting it occasionally in a couple of months may be beneficial to you phone’S functionality and health.

Check the Volume

Android has a separate volume system for Volume Alarm in most versions and smartphones. Check the alarm volume settings to adjust the Android Alarm no sound issues and increase them to size. If your Android does not have a separate ringtone for alarm then disable all the sound options you can see before you sleep. This will ensure that your Alarm clock will operate at maximum volume when you want it to sound. To check the alarm settings, follow these steps:

  • Click Settings on your Android Phone.
  • Find and Search Items within the list of options and tap.
  • Now you will find three volume options on it phone.
  • You can click on volume button then click on options to display all three item options.
  • You can also tap settings and in the search box at the top of the options, press volume and select Alarm volume from the search results.
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Check Alarm Notifications

Another reason for alarm not working in Android Phone is that notifications can be turned off. If an application such as Time does not allow you to display notifications, then you will not be able to activate the alarm notification. To check notifications, follow these steps:

  • Click Settings on it phone and find and select Apps & Notifications.
  • Search for the Time application under All apps and tap.
  • Tap on Notifications and check the status of the switch. Remember to always turn it on.
  • Tap Alert under Notifications and check other options such as priority etc. These options vary widely phones.

Check the DND Settings

DND mode or Don’t worry is a fantastic one feature which, when in use, disconnects you from the outside world by shutting down your networks and maintaining no contact with the outside world. However, this feature is known to cause specific issues in the device even when it is turned off. Here are the steps to solve the problem:

  • Click Settings and go to Sound.
  • Click Do not worry. If you do not see DND, then click on the search box at the top after entering the settings. Click Do not worry in that box.
  • Now, find View all Exceptions and tap on it. Next, click on Alarm within View All Exceptions and see if this switch is on.

Clear Cache and Data

Android alarm not working can also be caused by storage of junk and temporary files. This can be achieved by clearing the cache and data for the clock application. This is a crazy way but it will lead to the loss of your old alarm systems. To clear the cache and data, follow these steps:

  • Launch the Settings and click on Apps and Notifications.
  • Now, click on the Time application and then proceed to Storage.
  • Finally, tap Clear Cache and Storage Removal, one by one.
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A simple reboot will complete the steps and solve the Android alarm no matter what.

Also App Preference

Click settings and then find settings from the list of options.

  • Next go to Configure Options and now click on Reset Favorites App Configuration.
  • Next go to Configure Options and now click on Reset Favorites App Configuration.

This will reset all settings and fix the Android alarm not working on your smartphone.


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