Tips to fix the issue of CarPlay Not Working on iPhone 13 or iOS 15?

Tips to fix the issue of CarPlay Not Working on iPhone 13 or iOS 15?

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Guide: How to fix the issue of CarPlay Not Working on iPhone 13 or iOS 15?

iOS 15 has some real quality features making it easier for drivers to listen to music, get help from Siri while driving, use the Driver Focus mode, and many more features allowing the whole experience to play and ride them safely.

However, the CarPlay application allows you to connect the iPhone to their car infotainment system and access these features are reported bugged, causing a host of issues that can be potentially dangerous if they pop up while driving. Fortunately, some users have been able to find potential fixes that solve these issues.

Here is a list of the most common cases that the CarPlay application is experiencing on the iPhone on iOS 15 and a few power fixes for them.

Common CarPlay cases on iPhone 13 and iOS 15

The following is a list of cases reported by users, most of which start seeding up after the latest iOS 15 update. If you find you are having trouble with any one of them (or more), know that you are not alone and that there are a few remedies provided later to help you out.

Word # 1. CarPlay disconnects when music or sounds are played

It has been reported that CarPlay disconnects as soon as users try to play music, regardless of whether it is connected wirelessly or via a cable. Similar cases are reported by many, where CarPlay is disconnected once some of the sound is played through Maps, calls, or music.

Sometimes disconnecting occurs a few minutes later, which makes it a real cause for concern. Drivers should not have to fumble around on their iPhones or their car infotainment system every time this happens, especially not while driving.

As the iOS 15.1 beta developer does not fix this issue, users should look towards Fix # 01 and Fix # 02 (given below) to resolve the issues. These may be cumbersome for some, but they do solve problems for good and should definitely be considered if you want to get back the convenience and safety of CarPlay.

Word # 2. CarPlay cannot configure applications

CarPlay has had issues reconfiguring the apps properly when done through the system application on your iPhone. Users have been frustrated over the fact that applications can be moved around but they return to their original locations as soon as they exit the screen.

Another user may not even be able to find stock applications after rebooting them in the settings list. These cases, however, have been resolved with Fix # 03 and Fix # 05, so jump ahead and know what to do to resolve this issue.

Word # 3. The SiriusXM application does not work with CarPlay

The SiriusXM app on CarPlay is another application just updated with the latest iOS 15 update. When users look to start the SiriusXM application, they will sometimes receive a message “Cannot connect to SiriusXM”. Users have even taken to the Apple forum to register this complaint but have not received any responses yet.

If you are suffering from the same CarPlay case, you may want to check all the fixes given below to see if any of them help resolve this issue.

Word # 4. Streaming applications do not play music

This is another case with the CarPlay application, one that applies to many music streaming applications such as Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Prime Music. Related to the first case is that CarPlay disconnects as soon as the music is played.

At the time, a couple of fixes were offered (and confirmed) by several users. If you are one of the unfortunate ones to experience this issue after the update to iOS 15, refer to Fix # 1 and Fix # 2 to allow CarPlay to start music from streaming applications.

Updates for CarPlay Cases on iPhone 13 and iOS 15

Here are a few fixes that are offered by users to solve issues with CarPlay after updating their iPhones to iOS 15. Some of them are specific to a particular problem, while others are common fixes of it can apply to a variety of different issues.

Repeat # 1. Reset all settings on your iPhone

A number of iPhone users have reported that configuring settings tends to fix issues related to music and audio playback from applications on CarPlay. Here it is how to go about it:

  • Open the Settings application on your iPhone
  • Click in General
  • Then scroll down and tap on Transfer & Reset iPhone.
  • Then tap on Configure.
  • Then select Reset all settings.

Doing this will not delete your applications and files, but will require you to set up up notifications and status settings every time you open a new application which may be a little headache. It is reversible however.

Repeat # 2. Turn off the wizard

For specific cases to music playback on CarPlay, you may want to uninstall your organizer from your iPhone settings. Here it is how to do so:

  • Open the Settings application on your iPhone.
  • Go to Music.
  • Tap EQ.
  • Select Off.

This is known to work for a large number of users and is an immediate fix (if it works), even if you do not use Apple Music.


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