Tips to record calls on an iPhone

Tips to record calls on an iPhone

Hello Geeky, so today we are focusing on How you can record calls on an iPhone. So please read this tutorial carefully so you may comprehend it in a better helpful way.

Guide: How you can record calls on an iPhone

Apple iPhones do not offer a natural way to record incoming or outgoing voice calls. As this is not a major breakthrough or a difficult technology to make, you think Apple chose to abandon call recording due to legal complications. In most US states, only one person needs to be given permission for a call to be recorded, but 11 states require everyone involved in the conversation to agree to record.

The low pressure

The most important point to consider when planning a recording phone the call is to make sure you get permission from another person or people who will record. You can get this verbally at the beginning of a call, asking, for example, “I’m planning to record this, are you okay with that?”

The even more careful procedure is to get permission in writing, in the form of an email or other type of message, ahead of time.

An application that can record iPhone calls – for free

The material is presented in this guide is the Rev Call Recorder iOS app from a tech startup called Rev, which is based in San Francisco and Austin.

Call Recorder Rev is an easy-to-use iPhone application in the United States that allows you to record calls in one easy step. This application has no limits for recording incoming or outgoing calls, and is easy to share records via Dropbox or email. The Record Call Recorder has more than 8.6 thousand points which gives an average of 4.4 out of five scores.

Why would the Rev offer such a comprehensive tool for free? The Rev’s main business was to convert audio and video into text with pay-per-transcription and caption service. After your call, you have the option to pay to have your recording recorded by a qualified professional, although you do not have to choose to do this. If you do, the Rev charges $ 1.25 per minute.

Simple operation

Call Recorder is easy to use. Once you have downloaded the free application confirm your number (FYI: This application works with country code only +1 phone numbers), tap the “Start Recorded Call” option at the bottom of your screen:

Then choose whether to make an outgoing or incoming call.

Follow the patents and your call will be recorded, then automatically save to the list of recorded calls. Tap recording to view sharing options, including email to sound file or save to Dropbox.


Guide about How you can record calls on an iPhone

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Tips to record calls on an iPhone
Tips to record calls on an iPhone
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