Tips to add an email in your Gmail

Tips to add an email in your Gmail

Hello Geeky, so today we are focusing on How to add an email in your Gmail. So please read this tutorial carefully so you may comprehend it in a better helpful way.

Guide: How to add an email in your Gmail

Google has added a new one feature which will allow you to add emails to other emails without having to record them. Them feature is currently being released and should be available to all users in the coming days. You do not have to do anything to turn this on feature.

The attached email will be shared as a .eml file. When the recipient clicks on the .eml file, it opens in a new window. There is no restriction on the number of emails you can attach, and you can attach as many emails as you want.

Forward an Email

If you only need to share an email in your inbox, forwarding may be a better option. The Gmail Front option allows you to add the selected email to the bottom of a new message. You can forward Gmail emails in your inbox or those you have already sent.

Open the email to send in Gmail. Click the ‘Forward’ option at the bottom of the email.

Enter the email address to send the email to, enter more text above the sent email and click Send button.

Copy and Paste the Emails

Alternatively, you can just copy and paste other emails into one email to connect them without any files. You can do this by selecting text in an email with the cursor and pressing Ctrl + C (Cmd + C on Mac) keyboard shortcut. Click Write and press Ctrl + V (Cmd + V on Mac) hotkey button to paste the copied message into the text editor.

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Attach a PDF Email to a Gmail Email

However, forwarding or copying and pasting messages may not be ideal if you need to send multiple emails in your inbox. Instead, you can send multiple emails in your inbox to another recipient by linking actual email files to Gmail messages. To do that, you need to save the emails as PDF files; but Gmail does not include any explicit options for copying messages as PDFs.

The Google Drive account is ideal for sending PDFs via Gmail, which you can set up up on this page. Then you can save Gmail emails to Google Drive as PDFs. But, you can also save email to your local device too. Remember, we use a Mac for this, but your Windows PC will be a little different.

Connect an Email Connect Using a Mac or PC

First, open the email to save to Google Drive in Gmail. Click the printer icon in the upper right corner.

That will open the print preview window that appears directly below. Click on ‘More Settings.’

Next, you will need to scroll down a bit and click on ‘Open PDF in Preview.’ If you are using a Windows computer to perform this task you can find another destination for your PDF. But don’t worry, you can also save the PDF on your device and send it using Gmail.

A new window will open with your email. Now, click the share icon (on both Mac and Windows) to send an email or you can save. If you opt out of sending email you will do so from the default email client of your system.

If you choose to save email to your system (File> Save> Select location) you can attach PDF as another file using Gmail on the web or the app. This method works for both PC and Mac users.

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Now, open Gmail and click ‘Write.’

Next, attach your file by clicking the document icon below, going to the location of the saved email, and clicking ‘Send.’ Therefore, you will also need to populate the recipient, add a subject, and add any text you may need.

Download the PDF using Google Drive

As mentioned earlier, connecting email using Google Drive is quite simple. This is a two step process, but we promise it is very simple.

Save your email to Google Drive

The easiest way to save a Gmail to your Google Drive is with this Chrome Extension. Add an extension and log in to your Gmail account.

Open the email you want to send and click on the puzzle icon in the upper right corner. Then, click on Google Drive Extension. This will automatically save your email to your Google Drive.

Send Your Email To Google Drive

Click Write button in Gmail to open the New Message text editor. Click Insert Files using Drive button to open the window that appears directly below. Select the Gmail email email to link from there, and click Insert button.

You should see the Gmail PDF attached to the top of the new email as shown directly below. Click that attachment to open a PDF preview in Google Chrome. You can remove attachments by tapping their X-rays.

Connect the Email Using Gmail Mobile App

So, of course it is easy to send an easy email from mobile app, but if you want to use PDF to the email method described above, it is very easy even.

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Open the email you want to save then send and type three vertical icons in the body of the email.

Next, click ‘Print.’

At the top, select the drop-down arrow near the end of the trip. Select the PDF option, then select the location in which you want to save the file.

Finally, create a new email and add important fields. Then click the document icon to attach your file. Select the location where you saved it, type the file, then click ‘Send.’


Guide about How to add an email in your Gmail

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