Tips to Add Important System Data in Windows 11/10

Tips to Add Important System Data in Windows 11/10

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Guide: How to Add Important System Data in Windows 11/10

Microsoft collects diagnostic data from Windows to help fix problems and maintain Windows up to date, security, and efficiency. It also helps us develop Windows and related Microsoft products and services, as well as deliver more relevant advice and recommendations for customers who have switched to the Locked Experience program, to enhance Microsoft and third party products and services for individual customer needs.

This rule applies to:

  • Company version of Windows 11
  • Windows 11 Education is a new operating system by Microsoft.
  • Professional edition of Windows 11
  • Company version of Windows 10
  • Windows 10 Learning is a free version of Windows 10.
  • Professional version of Windows 10
  • 2016 and later versions of Windows Server
  • Hololens surface Level

Types of Windows search data sent back to Microsoft and how to manage it in your company is covered in this article. Microsoft uses the information to diagnose and solve problems that affect its customers.

How to Include important system data in Windows 10 and 11

Disease data gives users something

Disease data gives every user something in the machine development and ongoing progress. It helps us understand how Windows behaves in the real world, focuses on the essentials of the user, and makes informed information decisions that benefit both the customer and the corporate customers. The following sections offer real examples of these benefits.

Improve app and driver quality

Our ability to retrieve diagnostic data that make improvements to Windows and Windows Server helps raise the bar for application and device driver quality. The survey data helps us to identify the speed and adjust the critical reliability and security issues with the applications and drivers used on Windows. For example, we can identify an application that first installs on devices using a specific version of a video driver, allowing us to work with the application and the device driver to fix the issue quickly. The result is time reduction and reduction of costs and increased productivity associated with troubleshooting these cases.

For example, in the previous version of Windows there was a video driver version that crashed on some devices, causing the device to restart. The problem was discovered in our survey data, and immediately contacted a third-party photographer who wrote the video driver. Working with the developer, we provide driver updates to Windows Insiders within 24 hours. Based on diagnostic data from Windows Insiders devices, we are able to approve a new version of the video driver and rotate it to the public as the next day’s update. Surveillance data helps us find, fix, and solve this problem in just 48 hours, providing a better user experience and reducing costly support calls.

Improve end-user performance

Windows search data also helps Microsoft better understand how customers use (or do not use) the operating system features and related services. The insights we gain from this data help us significantly in our technological endeavors to directly impact the experiences of our customers. The following examples show how using search data enables Microsoft to build or improve features which can help teams increase staff productivity while reducing help desk calls.

  • Start menu. How does one change the Start menu layout? Do they share other materials with you? Are there any materials that are always removed? This database is used to adjust the Default menu layout to reflect better human expectations when they turn on their device for the first time.
  • Cortana. We use identification data to monitor the size of our cloud service, improving search performance.
  • Application change. Research and observations from previous Windows versions show that people rarely use the Alt + Tab to switch between applications. After discussing this with some users, we write that they are interested feature, said it would be highly productive, but they did not know about it already. Based on this, we created Task View button in Windows to do this feature more discoverable. Later diagnostic data show the significant use of this feature.

How Microsoft handles diagnostic data

Use the following sections to learn more about how Microsoft manages diagnostic data.

Data collection

Depending on the diagnostic data system on the device, diagnostic data can be retrieved through the following methods:

  • Low-cost packages of structured information referred to as survey data events, managed by Connected User Experiences and Telemetry components.
  • Test logs for additional troubleshooting, also managed by Connected User Experiences and Telemetry components.
  • Crash and crash report, controlled by Windows Error Report.

Later in this book we provide more details about how to manage what is collected and what kind of data may be included in these different types of diagnostic data.

Data transfer

All survey data is encrypted using Layer Transport Security (TLS) and uses a certificate key during the transfer from the device to Microsoft data management services.


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Tips to Add Important System Data in Windows 11/10
Tips to Add Important System Data in Windows 11/10
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