Tips to Add YouTube Videos in Google Docs

Tips to Add YouTube Videos in Google Docs

Hello Geeky, so today we are focusing on How to Add YouTube Videos in Google Docs. So please read this tutorial carefully so you may comprehend it in a better helpful way.

Guide: How to Add YouTube Videos in Google Docs

Google Docs is the largest cloud-based platform on the market, and it makes document creation an emotional one. Despite its online focus, Google Docs is unable to integrate YouTube videos. What a sour note! It is also a little strange, given that both services are part of the Google web app package. There is a function that you can use to speed up with playing movies into your books. Ideally, videos should be viewed by anyone who shares them online, as long as they have the correct permissions.

How to Insert a YouTube Video into a Google Doc

As you can expect, given that Google runs Docs and owns YouTube, adding YouTube videos into Google Docs is pretty easy. Unfortunately, it takes a few extra steps and some technicalhow to get it. We’ll start by selecting the video we want to embed and going to Google Slides. Both Slides and Docs are free to use and very useful tools. We are not able to insert a YouTube video URL directly into a Google Doc. Using Google Slides first, we will be able to achieve the goal of adding a video to your Google Doc.

Follow these instructions to insert a YouTube video into a Google Slide:

  • Start a New Presentation.
  • Open Google Slides first and click ‘Start a new presentation.
  • Select Video from the Insert drop-down menu
  • Enter a video URL
  • Find videos on YouTube from the Find tab or click the About URL tab to paste the URL directly to the YouTube video
  • Click Select to add the video to your slide

Now that the link has been copied from Google Slides, we are ready to embed the link in Google Docs.

How to Insert YouTube Video into Google Docs

Once you have successfully created the slide with YouTube video, follow these steps to embed the link in your Google Doc.

  • Click ‘Insert’ in the toolbar at the top
  • Click on ‘Draw’
  • Click on ‘New’
  • Copy and Paste the Image Using CMD + C or CTRL + C to display your video in Google Slides and copy the image. Then, browse back to Google Docs and use CMD + V or CTRL + V to paste the video image into Google Docs.
  • Insert Link in Google Docs
  • Select the video image, then select Link to Insert drop-down menu in Google Doc.
  • Enter the URL to the YouTube video and click Apply
  • Add a link to the YouTube video in the picture
  • The replay button will be missing, so to get a double click button playback on video image in Google Docs, showing video and image playback in Drag.
  • Finally, simply click on the play button and videos will work in place.


Guide about How to Add YouTube Videos in Google Docs

In this guide, we told you about the How to Add YouTube Videos in Google Docs; please read all steps above so that you understand How to Add YouTube Videos in Google Docs in case if you need any assistance from us, then contact us.

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