Tips to Block Tags on Tumblr

Tips to Block Tags on Tumblr

Hello Geeky, so today we are focusing on How to Block Tags on Tumblr. So please read this tutorial carefully so you may comprehend it in a better helpful way.

Guide: How to Block Tags on Tumblr

It can be pretty annoying to have boring content that you hate dropping up on your feed that much. This is how most of us think advertising. If it disappears button for that. What we currently have, however, is a filter button for apps, including Tumblr. It is very different to be quiet words on Twitter, for example, but just as simple as preventing unwanted content from filling your Tumblr homepage. All you have to do is block a single unwanted icon on Tumblr to prevent related content from flowing into your homepage.

This tutorial also explains simple steps to block tags in the Tumblr browser tool, remove subsequent tick marks, and remove previously blocked ticks.

Method 1: Use the Operating System

  • The easiest way to block tags on Tumblr is to use the built-in filtering program. From here, you can easily add and remove specific tags you want to blacklist from Tumblr so that posts marked with those hashtags do not appear on your feed.
  • This is how it works.
    • Login to your Tumblr Dashboard. Click the account icon and select Settings
    • Scroll down to find the Playing section.
    • Click on Edit button next to the Filtered Tags section to start adding tags to your blacklist.
    • Simply click an icon and press the Enter key to save.
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Method 2: Use Tumblr Savior

  • If you want an advanced way to block tags, you can use the Chrome Tumblr Savior plugin. This plugin not only comes with a black list but also has a white menu. This allows you to block certain tags and also display posts regularly with specific tags.
  • It also features many other useful tools and services, such as removing Google Analytics trackers, receive notifications whenever a post corresponding to a black dot is blocked, hide Tumblr source characteristics, and more.
  • The only downside is that this plugin is available for Chrome and Firefox desktop users only.


Guide about How to Block Tags on Tumblr

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