Tips to Boost the Speed of Firefox Browser

Tips to Boost the Speed of Firefox Browser

Hello Geeky, so today we are focusing on How to Boost the Speed of Firefox Browser. So please read this tutorial carefully so you may comprehend it in a better helpful way.

Guide: How to Boost the Speed of Firefox Browser

Firefox is one of the most widely used web browsers today. When a new one feature in addition, Firefox browser developers are constantly making upgrades to increase web performance. However, there are situations when you want to hurry up uploading a Firefox page.

Checking in with programs is always a good idea, and the most common reason for sluggish web activity in Firefox is extra cracking. You should double check your cookies and cache. Let’s take a look at a couple ways for making pages faster in Firefox.

How to Increase Firefox Page Upload Speed

Make Firefox Pages Download faster

There are several reasons why the browser is running slow, and I have compiled a comprehensive one guide to make Firefox faster. Let’s take a look at the different functions that you can try to increase the Firefox page loading speed.

Change the Settings

In many cases, changing your browser settings can cause surprises for performance. Just keep in mind that changing some of these can lead to poor performance if you are not sure what you are doing.

In any case, you can direct the effort if you improve how well you browse the Internet.

Update Firefox

This is obviously the first thing you want to do. If you are not running things up-for up-to-date version of Firefox, worlds this may affect page load speed. It also makes your browser more secure.

Back-Up Your Favorites File

Favorite file programs can cause bugs and slow down for some users. You can always change them without difficulty, but back up a file in case you can restore your old favorites if something goes wrong.

To back up up your favorites, do the following:

  • Open a new tab and type “about: support” into the address bar.
  • Search for “Profile Folder” and click Show Folder next to it (Show in Finder on Mac).
  • Go to a stage up from the open folder. You should see a folder with a string of letters and numbers, ending in “.default.”
  • Right-click this folder and select “Copy,” then right-click in the backup mode and select “Paste.”

Try Plan One at a time

These programs are intended for advanced users so be careful. It can cause problems with your plugins if you do not do so. This is the best way to change a system at a time so you can test the effect.

You can find tools online to test your browser speed perfectly.

Adjust Connections For Server

As long as your Firefox browser limits the number of connections simultaneously to a single server, having this limit will convert the viewing speed to pages with multiple images or videos. This is given your bandwidth can handle.

However, remember that eating this too much is considered bad behavior, and may result in suspension from a server. That said, it has a little wiggle room.

To edit the following links:

  • Open a new tab and type “about: config” into the address bar.
  • Find network.http.max-persistent-connections-per-server and double click the value. Increase this to 10 degrees. Some users want 8 to be on the safe side.
  • Wa network.http.max-connections. Set this value to 256, if not already.

Again, these are advanced programs and you will get warnings. Move forward at your own risk. You will get this display while trying to fix anything in “about: config.”

Turn off animations

Firefox displays small animations when opening or closing tabs. This is not always the case, but you can avoid some hangs if you tend to open or lock multiple tabs at once.

To play animations:

  • Open a new tab and type “about: config” into the address bar.
  • Set to False.
  • Set browser.panorama.animate_zoom to False.

See Preventing Prefetching

Explain the load pages before you visit them, guessing what kind of links you will click on. When working properly, this should only spend browsing time not working, and will increase the loading speed. If you have very slow load speeds, a buggy start may be the case.

You can make the following changes to remove both prefetch forms, then change them if there is no speed up:

  • Open a new tab and type “about: config” into the address bar.
  • Change network.dns.disablePrefetch to True.
  • Next, change the network.prefetch-next to False.
  • Finally, change the network value.http.speculative-parallel-limit to 0.

Switch Hardware Acceleration and WebGL

These services use your graphics card to speed up up certain services, especially uploading videos. However, this can cause slow loading times or blurry text, especially with older systems or graphics cards.

Try watching videos with the following settings on and off to see which works best for you:

  • Open a new tab and type “about: config” into the address bar.
  • Change webgl.disabled to True or False.
  • Visit “about: advanced # favorites” in a new tab. Check or remove “Use hardware acceleration.”
  • Unlike most system changes, you may need to restart Firefox for these to take effect.

Troubleshooting Slowdowns

Although we love the idea of ​​things working directly in the box, life does not work that way. Sometimes, it takes some troubleshooting to diagnose specific problems.

And because all systems are unique, it is sometimes difficult to narrow a family. However, I’ve put together some of the most common things you can check to improve speed.

Install Advertising Blocks in Firefox

On many websites and webpages, ads are accepted up a large fraction of the Firefox page loading speed. You can install AdBlock Plus or other ad blockers to prevent these ads from accumulating.

Start Firefox in Safe Mode

Click the menu icon (three horizontal bars), then the help icon (?), Then Restart with disabled plugins.

If Firefox runs too fast in Safe Mode, additional error will slow down.

Activate Add-ons

Type “about: addons” into the address bar, or click the menu icon (three horizontal bars) and select Add. Keep one extra off at a time, and browse the internet for a while to see if it is fast up. Visit the same page to remove the plugin completely or reactivate it, depending on your test.

Switch to Default Theme

If you have a custom theme running, this may slow down your page load speed. Visit the Appearance tab on the Extras page, and switch to the default theme.

Transfer Memory Usage

If you just lock a bunch of tabs, Firefox may wait for a while until it deletes the contents of those tabs from your memory. Remove them immediately by going to “about: memory” and clicking Reduce memory usage.


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