Tips to Cancel Premium Subscription on Spotify

Tips to Cancel Premium Subscription on Spotify

Hello Geeky, so today we are focusing on How to Cancel Premium Subscription on Spotify. So please read this tutorial carefully so you may comprehend it in a better helpful way.

Guide: How to Cancel Premium Subscription on Spotify

The Spotify game offers a very generous three-month trial for new users that allows unlimited access to free ringtones and podcasts from around the world, with offline listening and unlimited streaming. After these months up, your card will charge up to £ 9.99 / US $ 9.99 per month. If for some reason you are not ready to drop a tenner a month for work, come guide will show you how to cancel so you do not have to pay a penny.

Before you begin, keep in mind that if you switch to Spotify Free, you will not be able to record music for offline use. Also, you may not be able to pay for audio at the highest volume or play a song on demand using your own mobile device, and instead will have to play an artist, album, or playlist in order. However, if you wish to prevent your subscription from being automatically renewed at the end of the current term, read on.

How to cancel Spotify Premium on desktop

The first thing you want to do is launch your preferred browser and go to the Account Summary section on the Spotify website. It should not be too hard to find, but if you are looking for the fastest way to get there, just click here. If you do not log in, enter your username or email address and password, then click Log In. If all goes well, Spotify will work its magic and redirect you to the page you want.

Now in your Account Overview screen, select Ideas from the sidebar on the left. A box will appear with information about your current team and other available ideas.

Now, scroll down and find the right Spotify Free option. It is very low, above a feedback box, so jump down there. Do you see? Big – click the Big Cancel Game button under it. Now all you have to do is confirm your decision by clicking Yes, Cancel. Again, remember that your membership will not terminate immediately. You will have by the date noted above to continue using it.

How to cancel Spotify Premium through the App Store

If you sign up up for Spotify on your iPad or iPhone, there is a better world of choosing to have a valid Apple bill through the App Store, instead of lengthening the registration process by submitting your credit card details to Spotify itself. There is no denying that it is much easier, but moving that way means you will need to cancel your Premium subscription in a slightly different way, using an iPad or iPhone.

So, what do you need to do? It’s easy. Go to the Settings app on your iPad or iPhone, then select iTunes & App Store. Is that? Next, check out the Apple ID listed at the top of the screen – you need to make sure it is the same one you used to sign up for Spotify Premium. If not, select an email address, hit Sign Out, then log in with your correct Apple ID.

Now that it is all sorted out and using the correct account, tap the email address again (or for the first time, if you signed up to the one you called), then select Registrations. A list of all the different types of recurring payments will then appear. Simply select Spotify, then tap button ike Cancel subscription. Once you click that, the renewal of your Premium team will be terminated.

For the last time, remember that you have until the date of your next payment to keep using the premium. That means, if you cancel on September 3 but you do not want your membership to be renewed before October 2nd, you can use it until then. Most importantly, your account will be reduced to Free Spotify on October 2nd at 12:00 noon, which will mark the end of the Premium subscription.


Guide about How to Cancel Premium Subscription on Spotify

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