Tips to Connect Pixel Buds to an iPhone

Tips to Connect Pixel Buds to an iPhone

Hello Geeky, so today we are focusing on How to Connect Pixel Buds to an iPhone. So please read this tutorial carefully so you may comprehend it in a better helpful way.

Guide: How to Connect Pixel Buds to an iPhone

At Apple’s global network, there are a couple of amazing options to browse the internet with regards to wireless headsets indeed. First, it has standard AirPods, with the AirPods Pro offering things like Active Noise Removal and one in one thought. Apple even raises the stakes with how long the AirPods Max version has been for people who need a listening experience.

We have seen another phone developers, such as Google and Samsung, introduced headphones that were originally intended to be compatible with them phones. Samsung has Galaxy Buds Live and Galaxy Buds +, while Google has Pixel Buds. Google has delivered two sets of Buds exactly, yet the original has a large drop to the side as follows features wire around your neck. The new Pixel Buds are compatible AirPods for Pixel owners.

How to Connect Pixel Buds to iPhone

  • Make sure you have your Google Buds (in their case) and your iPhone ready, and your iPhone’s Bluetooth needs to be turned on so you can connect to your Buds.
  • Once you have everything, connecting your Buds to your iPhone only takes a few seconds!
  • Put your Buds in your case, and place the case next to your iPhone.
  • Open the Pixel Buds case, and press and hold the link button located on the back of the case. Hold on to this button down until you see the LED in front of the case start blinking, indicating that Buds have entered the pairing mode.
  • On your iPhone (with Bluetooth enabled) go to Settings> Bluetooth and under Other devices click the menu for Pixel Buds.
  • After a few minutes, your Pixel Buds will be connected to your iPhone. The Buds will work just like any other Bluetooth headset.

    Using Pixel Buds Features on the iPhone

    While you will not be able to use features such as the live Pixel Buds feature, made possible by Google Translate, on iPhone, you can use some touch analog on Buds on iPhone. The following commands apply:

    • Tap one to play, pause, or answer a call.
    • Double click to skip a song or end a call.
    • Press three times to return to the previous track.
    • Buy further to turn the volume up.
    • Buy back to change the volume down.


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