Tips to Connect to FaceTime Call from Android

Tips to Connect to FaceTime Call from Android

Hello Geeky, so today we are focusing on How to Connect to FaceTime Call from Android. So please read this tutorial carefully so you may comprehend it in a better helpful way.

Guide: How to Connect to FaceTime Call from Android

FaceTime has always been a hallmark of Apple ecosystem. It was 2010 when Apple first launched FaceTime, and there has been no return for Apple since. People have loved and used FaceTime enthusiastically for years until FaceTime would have been used more as a word rather than a word, and it is a commendable service for Apple.

As things start to calm down, Apple loves to shake it up. At WWDC 21, Apple first announced the interoperability of FaceTime on platforms other than Apple’s ecosystem. Technically, you can chat with your friends and favorites on FaceTime from any Android, Windows, or Linux device. However, so far only non-Apple users can participate in calls made by an Apple user; they cannot start a FaceTime call.

How Apple’s FaceTime Works on Android

It is no secret that Apple wants to keep its apps and popular services tied to its ecosystem. Even if the giant Cupertino expands its operations on other platforms, it does not fail to impose heavier limitations – for better or worse. And the blue of FaceTime for Android is no different.

  • That brings us to the first question. Can you install Facetime application on Android? Well, Apple has not yet launched a FaceTime application for Android. Instead, Android users can join FaceTime calls via a link. So, unless you get a link from an iPhone user, you cannot join third parties.
  • Second, you cannot generate a FaceTime meeting invitation link on an Android device. That means you will need to ask your friend (who has an iPhone, iPad, or Mac) to create a FaceTime meeting link and share it with you.
  • And third, FaceTime only supports Safari and Google Chrome. Therefore, you must open the FaceTime link in Chrome to get started with the call. After clicking the link, you will need to add your name and then wait for your iDevice friend (or the creator of the link) to let you in.
  • Fourth, the answer to whether you can share the screen in FaceTime calls on Android is no. Users can only share screen on FaceTime in iOS 15. You can check out our linked guide to learn how it works.

Create a FaceTime Call Link on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac

As mentioned above, your friend who owns an Apple device will first need to create a FaceTime call link and share it with him. So, let’s see how it does!

  • To go, launch the FaceTime application on your iPhone or iPad running iOS 15 or Mac running macOS Monterrey.
  • Now, click on “Create link” button to develop a FaceTime meeting link.
  • Next, click “Info” button next to the FaceTime link.
  • Next up, select “Share Link” to pop-up menu in iOS 15. On your Mac, click Share button.
  • After that, choose the way you want to share the meeting link with your friend who has an Android device. You can send a meeting link via email, WhatsApp, Messenger, Apple Messages, and more. Besides, you also have the option to copy the link.

Join FaceTime calls from your Android device

Once you get the meeting link on your Android device, you can join the FaceTime call with ease. Note that FaceTime only supports Google Chrome on Android devices. Make sure to open the meeting link in the Chrome browser and follow these steps:

  • Click the FaceTime link. After that, enter your name and click “Continue”. button.
  • Later, you will get pop-up said, “ wants to use it camera and microphone. ”Click Allow to remove special permissions.
  • Thus, it is only one step to join Facetime video call between iPhone and Android devices. Tap the green “Mix” button in the upper right corner.
  • Now, you should see “Waiting to let you in” at the bottom of the screen. You will be able to join a FaceTime call once your iOS friend approves your merger request.
  • If you want to end the call regularly, tap “Leave”. button in the upper right corner.


Guide about How to Connect to FaceTime Call from Android

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