Tips to Create Successful Contest with Social Media

Tips to Create Successful Contest with Social Media

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Guide: How to Create Successful Contest with Social Media

In fact, social media offers great opportunities to do this, especially on Facebook and Instagram. There are many opportunities to differentiate a contest or give it away on social media: from increasing the brand’s brand presence to writing community engagement to creating the content you really want. But as many benefits as there are, successful social media competition is easier said than done. It is important that your competition is not only for your followers, but help them to make a real impact and meet your business goals as a brand. As an athlete preparing for the competition in advance, you also need to do homework for your existing social media competition.

The idea ahead is to create a strategic plan for your offering, help you process key KPIs, measure success and also serve as the basis for possible future campaigns. If you are thinking of giving something to attract new followers and promote organic advertising, a social media contest seems like the perfect solution, and it can be a great way to get noticed if you do it regularly. However, the real key to success is keeping the new followers that you created during the competition.

Creating Success Competitions with Social Media

Review of Terms of Service

Before designing a competition launch, make sure you understand the terms of service for the type of social media platform you will be using. The ToS for Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter are all different, consider what they are to make sure your competition is not recorded before you are able to populate the opportunity and select a winner.

Explain Your Goals

It is easy to decide what other people would like to win, but the real point of holding a competition is to win something. Do you want more followers? To grow your email list? To gain more analytics resources to advertise to companies you want to partner with?

Pick one or two pitches and then build a pattern of competition around their achievement. If you fail to do this, it will not be possible to determine the true value for your brand of holding a competition, which will reduce the potential profit in the long run.

Type Time

Once you have clearly defined the purpose of the competition, it is time to decide what kind of competition will help you to achieve that goal effectively. Some of the most popular types of contests include collection, photo contests, questionnaires, share to win, and instant win. Do some in-depth research and find successful examples of the type you are most interested in before concluding your decision.

Time Things

Having a clear definition day for the winners to expect is an opportunity for several reasons. First, it makes the’s’s recipient of the gift seem more likely when the day is not far off in the future. Second, it gives the contest an immediate understanding and urges those interested to sign up up immediately in order to avoid a loss on interest.

Not the Law

For people who will participate in the competition in clear rules, so that everyone is on the same page and no questions (especially on the legal basis) are not answered. The local rules of world games and competitions can vary significantly depending on your location. Investigate relevant sources to ensure compliance with all applicable laws.

Eligibility is an option

As part of the process of defining your competition rules, you will need to decide who is eligible to enter. Again, see the rules governing the area (s) that will apply. Do you need to exclude some states or countries? Do children need to be removed? Do employees of the sponsoring company need to retire? It may not be fun to tell some people that they are not allowed to enter, but complying with applicable laws is important.

Praise Worthy Prizes

Choose a gift that will excite your audience, as opposed to a gift that will be a general attraction to an audience that is unlikely to become a member of your community.

For example, if you have a blog or business that specializes in sharks, you can offer Mixer KitchenAid, which will be useful for almost anyone who enjoys baking. This can help you attract an audience of people who are interested in your particular niche who will keep subscribing to their email or stop subscribing to your Facebook feed long after the competition is over.

Alternatively, you can offer a new iPad with a kitchen stand to make the video instructions easier while choosing, however the problem with the iPad in this competition will appeal to a very large audience who will probably not like it to your niche.

An image worth thousands of entries

If you need to take a picture of yourself, make sure you brush up on the basics, then make sure you edit the images so that they are the appropriate size for the social media platforms they will be posting on.

If the gift is for an experience that does not have a clear picture associated with it, choose or create one based on the feeling that the experience expects to attract. If you have to give it away home clean package, for example, you can use the image of a flawless kitchen. If you are offering a massage, you can use a relaxing view.

The benefits of branding

While creating those amazing images to distribute across many social media channels, make sure you take the time to brand them with your company logo – let us understand the perfect sponsor before the viewer even press to enter.

This is especially useful if the item or service you are offering is linked to a representative niche. Going back to the chosen example, if your logo comes with a famous kitchen appliance it will help to build that party into the viewer’s heart. Consider all aspects of your brand and what stands out from the competition. Include colors, themes, and text, if they are a strong part of the branded image.

Hashtag contributors

If you are going to use Instagram or Twitter to promote your competition, it is important to choose the right hashtags to increase attention. To create your own custom hashtag, create an entry that requires the use of a hashtag created specifically for the competition. Making it short, memorable, and unique is a challenge, but it can cost time and effort.

Do you Mobile

Mobile The use of the internet continues to rise, and as such, web competitors in the direction of absolutely need to be responsive. If it is mobile users click to register for your competition and they face a website that is difficult to navigate due to the old design, they will continue to easily. This can dramatically reduce entries and lead to less competitive marketing experience from a marketing perspective.

user friendly

Even if the website design is the answer, if you ask visitors to fill in as much information as possible it is possible to decide not to waste their time. Limit the number of fields they have to enter to three. Where possible, keep it as simple as typing a button to click with their social media tweet, post, like, share, or login. The easier it is for someone to get in quickly, the more likely they are to do so.

Encouragement Sharing

First, make sure everything is easy for people to share on different social media platforms. When deciding what software to use to manage the competition, make sure you have the option to earn entries easily by sharing information about the competition. This helps ensure that people share the competition between their social networks and reach the maximum number of people (again, make sure you check the competition rules on each altar on this item).

Consolation gifts

If you really want to make your social media competition a success, you need to go above and beyond the expectations of the people who come in. Therefore, you will not be able to give all entrants a great gift, but that does not mean they have to leave empty-handed. Send them a small bonus to enter a competition related to the niche that caused them to enter first.

Platform Location

It may be tempting to allow a person to access from all social media platforms on which it operates, however, doing so will require additional supervision on its part and will require rules applicable to each venue. You need to consider the additional functionality that this will include before performing this step.

Editorial Calendar

You need to take the time to create an editor calendar by any medium that is most comfortable for you and your team. What you use does not matter as much as the fact that you will use it. Indicate the social media posts you will use and when they will be used depending on the altar. Create email messages, blogs, and any marketing materials such as a timeline for your use. Share this information with anyone in your team who will be affected by the competition so they know when they will expect a stream of interest and traffic.

Questions and Answers

Create a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page for people who may want to know more about the competition. Cover as many questions as you can think and make sure the source is accessible to the candidates you are interested in, and any team members who may face questions about the competition. This helps to ensure that everyone is on the same page and avoids multiple cases due to inconsistency.

Customer service

Yes, you need to consider the quality that the customer experience competitors will have. One needs to take care of social media accounts, email, and any kind of communication through which the candidates are likely to ask questions, praise the contest, or exit when they are disappointed.

The way these contestants interact with your brand can have a huge impact on how likely they are to continue the relationship after the competition is over. Taking some time to respond to individuals can have a huge impact on their overall perception of the competition and business hosting the event.


It is easy to say how many people entered a competition, but beyond that you will need a way to measure the success of the campaign.

You need to know how many people came to your site, where they came from, how often they stayed, and how they interacted once there. The size of each of these databases will give you a better overview of what your audience is looking for and how you can improve in the future.


Creating a read for the end of the competition is a great way to increase excitement and encourage people to complete tasks that need to be typed – creating a sense of urgency that motivates people to take action.

The real-time viewing feature ticking away is especially helpful for contests that require competitors to do more than simply fill in their name and email. For example, if they have to take a picture, take a video, or create a project the clock will give them limited time between which they must complete their task.


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Tips to Create Successful Contest with Social Media
Tips to Create Successful Contest with Social Media
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