Tips to Customize the Mouse Options in Windows 10 PC

Tips to Customize the Mouse Options in Windows 10 PC

Hello Geeky, so today we are focusing on How to Customize the Mouse Options in Windows 10 PC. So please read this tutorial carefully so you may comprehend it in a better helpful way.

Guide: How to Customize the Mouse Options in Windows 10 PC

It does not matter whether you use a desktop computer or a laptop, you always rely on your mouse (or touchpad) to navigate Windows 10. The mouse has been around for years and is an important area in our digital lives, so proper editing is essential for the experience best.

On Windows 10, Microsoft wants you to use the Settings app to customize every aspect of the operating system, including your mouse settings, but the options available through the Settings application are pretty limited. Luckily, you can also use Mouse Properties in the Control Panel to customize your experience.

Basic Mouse Settings

The Windows 10 system environment is constantly changing, with Microsoft finally intending to completely overhaul the Control Panel. Until that time, mouse programs were divided between the two regions. Press the Windows + I key to open Settings and navigate to Devices> Mouse. This is where you will find some basic mouse customization.

Use Select your first button drop to switch between left and right. The former is standard, but you can see it helps switch to the latter if you use the mouse in your left hand.

Moving the mouse wheel to scroll lets you select how your windows perform when you move the mouse. Multiple lines at a time is the default setting, but you can switch to one screen at a time if you want.

If you select multiple lines, you can use the slider below to determine the number of lines rotated each time. Far to the left of the mouse is, a few lines of your mouse will rotate at once. Finally, Scroll through windows that do not work when I hover over them is the On / Off switch. If it works, you only need to hover over the window to be able to scroll, instead of pressing them first.

Advanced Mouse Settings

To access advanced mouse settings, click Extra Mouse Options. This will open a separate window. Each section below points to a different tab in that window.


The main category here, Button configuration, is the same as your Select primary button option found on the Settings screen. Double-click speed lets you adjust how fast you need to double-click your mouse for a known function. Adjust Speed ​​Removal and use the folder icon to test it.

ClickLock is a feature which allows you to highlight or drag (for example, select multiple files or move table icons) without holding down the mouse button. If you choose to Turn ClickLock, you will need to briefly click the mouse button, with another click releasing it. Once activated, click Settings… to adjust how long you clicked the mouse to search before registration as ClickLock.


Here you can change the visual style of your cursor and its many different states. Dropping Programs give you the ability to change every cursor set at once. The default concept comes in black, round, and standard, across many different sizes.

Alternatively or in addition, you can use the Customize section to change specific states. Select from the list, click Browse wa and find the .ANI (animated) or .CUR (static) file you want to replace. Once selected, click Open. Check out the Open Cursor Library for many free cursors. All you need to do is download them and then use the instructions above to find them on your device.

Pointer options

Use Select an arrow speed to change how fast your cursor crosses the screen. You may be tempted to press to activate the Enhancement arrow, but hold down. This adjusts how your cursor moves depending on how fast you move it. It’s okay if you have a mouse with a bad sensor, but it is not useful if you want your mouse movements to always be the same (as if you were playing high quality games). Snap To option will automatically move your cursor to default button (as OK or Apply) when the dialog box opens.

Tick ​​the Display trails display if you want your cursor to reproduce itself as you move. Use the slider below to adjust how short or long the trail should be.

Finally, you can tick Hide pointer while pressing and Show the position of the arrow when I press the Ctrl key. This latter option is useful if you are trying to find your cursor, either because of the look or the next size.


The Scroll Vertical section customizes the same thing as in the Settings section, but here you can specify a specific number of rows, instead of using the slider. You can also do the same thing for Horizontal Scroll and set how many characters you want to scroll when you roll the wheel horizontally.


This final section shows you what devices you have installed. This is more information than anything, although you can double click each device to unlock its properties. Here you will find the device status, along with the date and version of the installed computer. This can be helpful if you need to adjust your mouse, such as if you need to update or change drivers.

Easy Access

Press the Windows key + I and go to Easy Access> Mouse. Here you will find some options to make viewing and using the mouse easier if you are struggling with errors. Similar to the ideas of the previous information, here you can change the index size and index color between the three options.

The mouse buttons section gives you the option to Use the number key to move the mouse around the screen. This turns each number on the pad into one direction. For example, 8 is up and 2 are below.

I would suggest holding down Ctrl to speed up up and Shift to slow down. This gives you great control and helps even because the default speed is always very slow. Finally, Use the mouse button when Num Lock is turned on will change either this feature activates when the None Lock is on or off.


Guide about How to Customize the Mouse Options in Windows 10 PC

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