Tips to Design Logo For Mobile App

Tips to Design Logo For Mobile App

Hello Geeky, so today we are focusing on How to Design Logo For Mobile App. So please read this tutorial carefully so you may comprehend it in a better helpful way.

Guide: How to Design Logo For Mobile App

App icons or icons for mobile Applications are small images that focus on the application mobile platforms. It represents what the app is about, generally by using a standard icon using the app’s first letter, or a picture description of something important to the app, or sometimes a graphic representation. As a designer, you need to make sure that the app stands out from the crowd of millions of apps on different mobile platforms.

Good design icons for mobile apps help ensure the application is high quality, authentic, and professional. It also helps make the application more reliable and secure to potential customers. The smallest symbol always indicates the feeling of malware or spam application or even a fake application that causes fear and suspicion within mobile users.

Tips: How to Logo Design For a Mobile App

1. Use a unique shape or symbol

You will always be there up against dozens of other apps, either a user browsing the app store or scroll through them home screens. Create an immediately recognizable icon on the search list pages and a user screen.

2. Keep it simple

Avoid adding colors or images into your app icon. Even if you decide to use a lot of colors and graphics, the best icons focus on one feature or concept rather than trying to jam it all. feature into the dot symbol. You want to go for immediate identification – if someone needs to squint to make details of your brand, you are not achieving your destination.

One exception to this is the game category, which has many successful applications with cartoon-type images in their icons to display featured character and game elements. But even if you create a logo for a game application, keep it focused and simple.

3. Do not include words

Length words is hard to read in such a small space when sitting next to a bunch of other icons. Instead, opt to use the first letter of your company or branding instead, such as the following materials:

4. Choose vibrant colors

Make sure your app icon looks good on many different platforms. Using vibrant colors will help your app to stand out both against other applications that the user has installed and to your background image.

Choose your icon color carefully. Blue is the most common color choice in the world, so companies have focused on this and most app icons are blue. However, by choosing blue for your brand you run the risk of merging with your competition.


Guide about How to Design Logo For Mobile App

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Tips to Design Logo For Mobile App
Tips to Design Logo For Mobile App
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