Tips to Download and Install Qubes OS as a VM

Tips to Download and Install Qubes OS as a VM

Hello Geeky, so today we are focusing on How to Download and Install Qubes OS as a VM. So please read this tutorial carefully so you may comprehend it in a better helpful way.

Guide: How to Download and Install Qubes OS as a VM

Qube OS is a desktop operating system based on separate security shelves. These rooms are called qubes. These qubes make the Qube OS secure enough that any successful attack is limited to one qube and does not affect the entire system. In Qube OS, you can have as many qubes as you want. The most popular is the qube app, which is intended to run software programs like word processor, web browser, etc. Many qubes may depend on the template, but they do not have the ability to change the template in any way.

Install Qube OS as a virtual machine

To be able to install Qube OS, make sure your system meets these requirements.

  • X86_64 (64-bit) technology
  • 4GB memory and above
  • Storage above 35 GB

Create Media Bootable (Physical Installation)

Download your favorite version of Qube OS from the official Qube OS download page. With the recorded Qube OS ISO file, create a bootable disk for installation using one of the methods below. Here are two options for Linux, Windows, and macOS programs:

  • Ventoy – This is one of the best Linux based tools used to create bootable disks. Create a bootable disk using the guide on how to create a bootable media with Ventoy
  • Rufus – this is a Windows and macOS based application to convert a disk ion to bootable media.
  • WoeUSB for Linux. See more on how to use this tool in the guide – how to create bootable media with WoeUSB.
  • Etcher Tool – for macOS users as shown in the post guide on how to create bootable disk with etcher.

For Linux users, there is another easy way to create a bootable disk from the terminal.

# Identify USB device $ sudo lsblk

# Flash Qube OS to USB drive $ sudo dd bs = 4M if =. / of = / dev / sdx status = progress oflag = sync

In the code above, replace / dev / sdx with your USB flash drive known as the lsblk command and ./ with the method of the Qube OS ISO file downloaded.

Create Qubes OS VM – In Visible Environment

If you want to run Qube OS on a virtual machine ie using Xen-ng, Vmware, VirtualBox, you will need to create a VM session with the Qube OS system requirements you need.


  • On VirtualBox, create a VM for Qube OS by clicking on “new” and selecting a VM name.
  • Set the memory size for the VM.
  • Proceed to creating the disk, click “Create a virtual hard disk now”.
  • Keep the disk size in mind that the recommended disk space is 37 GB.

Now you will create your Qube OSVM, the next step is to transfer the Qube OS ISO file to the VM.

  • Go to VM Settings that you created >> Storage. Click the disk icon next to the IDE Monitor Device and upload your ISO file.
  • Then activate the patch power on the created VM. From the host terminal works.
  • Now at this point, your device is ready for Qube OS installation.


In VMware, create a VM for Qube OS installation using the following steps:

  • Click New to create a new Qube OS VM.
  • Then upload the ISO file by clicking on the browser and load the Qube OS ISO file.
  • Select operating system for Qube OS.
  • Add a name to the new VM.
  • Create and set disk size for Qube OS VM. (Above 37 GB).
  • That’s it! You will have a Qube OS VM ready for installation.


Guide about How to Download and Install Qubes OS as a VM

In this guide, we told you about the How to Download and Install Qubes OS as a VM; please read all steps above so that you understand How to Download and Install Qubes OS as a VM in case if you need any assistance from us, then contact us.

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