Tips to Download iCloud Data

Tips to Download iCloud Data

Hello Geeky, so today we are focusing on How to Download iCloud Data. So please read this tutorial carefully so you may comprehend it in a better helpful way.

Guide: How to Download iCloud Data

iCloud is one of the most useful features allowing you to automatically save and sync your photos, notes, and other data across different Apple devices. However, iCloud is not easy to view and manage saved files, most of the time you have to transfer them from iCloud to your iPhone or iPad. Since there is no built-in iCloud app on iPhone, many of you have no idea how to download files from iCloud. Below we will give you the full guide on how to record iCloud Photos and other data.

How to get an iCloud backup

  • With iPhone Backup Extractor connected to your iCloud account, it’s easy to download iCloud backup data.
  • Select your iCloud backup. Once the iPhone Backup Extractor is connected to your iCloud account, it will display a list of your iCloud accounts and backups on the left side of your window. Your iCloud backups will be listed under the heading “iCloud backups”, and you can select the one you want to explore by clicking on it. That will load your details in the first part of the app window.
  • Explore your iCloud backup. Once your backup is selected, the iPhone Backup Extractor will compile the information contained in it, displaying the most important applications along with counting the amount of data available for each. IPhone Backup Extractor lets you work with iCloud backups exactly as if they were iTunes backups: there is no need to perform a full backup in order to work with it – although you can if you want!
    • As when working with iTunes backups, you’ve got the choice of four modes in iPhone Backup Extractor to recover your data:
      • Overview. Click on any of the app icons to get your data back in one click. Easy!
      • Preview mode. View all your messages and photos, and select to record them.
      • App interface. Browse your iCloud backup through app-by-app, and back up all the files belonging to a specific application, or all photos from a specific application.
      • Expert position. Browse individual files in your iCloud backup, select or drag the ones you want to record.
  • Make a backup of your iCloud backup data. If you want to make a full iCloud backup and switch to iTunes backup, so you can switch or restore locally, that’s easy, even: just a button can “Download this iCloud backup”. If you click that, the entire iCloud backup will be downloaded to your PC or Mac. Recording may take some time, depending on the size of your backup and how fast your internet connection is; Obviously, it can be faster to get just the data you want to use the procedures above.
  • After the iCloud download is complete, iPhone Backup Extractor will update the downloaded iCloud backup in its “Download iCloud backups” section, and will automatically load it for you. You can work with the backup exactly as you would with an iTunes backup.
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Guide about How to Download iCloud Data

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