Tips to enhance privacy on Android phone

Tips to enhance privacy on Android phone

Hello Geeky, so today we are focusing on How to enhance privacy on Android phone. So please read this tutorial carefully so you may comprehend it in a better helpful way.

Guide: How to enhance privacy on Android phone

On the surface, Android and privacy do not look like the most natural bedfellow counterparts. After all, Google is famous for its advertising business which makes the company the lion’s share of your business and it can be difficult to reconcile the concept of data collection with the idea of ​​managing information carefully. In reality, however, Google gives you better control over how and when it enters information related to your Android. (And even in the worst case scenario, the company does not give your information to third parties or sell it despite some common misconceptions.) Finally, just by educating yourself about the options and then explaining what the balance is. between privacy and maximum functionality. head for you.

Android is famous for not being very private. We all know that Google makes a lot of money in advertising, and therefore it is in the best interest of technology to know all about it so that it can serve more potential ads to enter. But the truth is that Android – especially the newer version, Android 11 – is loaded as well features to help keep your personal information safe. However, some of them are enabled by default. But we can help you change that. Read on to find out how you can regain control of your privacy to prevent noisy people from looking through your notifications while preventing Silicon Valley snoops from skimming your data.

Transfer Google’s data collection

On most Android devices you do not have to log in with your Google account, although some services may be limited. Also make sure you review your Google running profile at

Shut down your device

Use the PIN or instance in the alphanumeric password to lock your device.


Settings> Security> Screen Lock.

Encrypt the device to protect the data stored on it

Note that the PIN or password needs to be set to do this, and that the device needs to be inserted.


Settings> Security> Encrypt phone/ tablet.

Keep the device’s software up-to date

Good advice for any device, not just Android.


Eto> About phone/ tablet> System Update.

Beware of third-party app stores.

Also, do not allow the installation of apps from “unknown sources” unless you are very confident in that source.


Settings> Security> Unknown Sources.

When installing an application, check your permissions first

Think carefully about whether to continue the installation if you are requesting access to suspicious data. Find applications that require minimal permissions, such as our search application.

Check the permissions for the installed applications

You may have missed changes during the updates or maybe changed your mind of what was acceptable. Remove unused applications, and consider replacing some that require fewer permissions to perform their functions such as DuckDuckGo (us) for searching.


Settings> Applications> [app name]

See what kind of applications you want to synchronize with the cloud

Synchronization applications will not limit the data they send to the cloud.


Settings> Accounts section> [app name]

Keep private notifications

Stop applications to display notification content on the lock screen (newer versions of Android only).


Settings> Sounds & Notifications

Check the default applications

Check your default applications, making sure you rely on essential communication tools like email, SMS, and browser (newer versions of Android only).


Settings> Applications> Icon> Default

Do not share your location with resources

Wait for each application to access your location (newer versions of Android only).


Settings> Applications> Icon> Application Permissions> Status

Do not share your location with Google

Stop Google services tracking your location, and reset your location history.


Settings> Status> Google Location History


Guide about How to enhance privacy on Android phone

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Tips to enhance privacy on Android phone
Tips to enhance privacy on Android phone
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