Tips to Find Latest Music on Spotify

Tips to Find Latest Music on Spotify

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Guide: How to Find Latest Music on Spotify

If you are anything like me, music always plays in the background. Obviously, this means finding new music on Spotify and other streaming services is important, because I can’t listen to the same old thing every day. I mean, I’ve got playlists for just about everything: Playlists for playlists for driving. Playlists for rainy days. Playlists for a sunny day last Tuesday night, I made a list of songs for my friend who came for dinner. That is his word.

If you have a Spotify account, it is likely to be used to listen to (and create) playlists, as well as rotate through playlists algorithmic streaming services. However, if you’re always on the lookout for new music that will blow your mind, there are a number of innovative ways to use Spotify to find new music that you may not be aware of. With these references, your library will be happy with new and exciting musicians in no time. Let’s start on sprucing up your autumn playlists.

How to Find New Music on Spotify

1. Check out “Related Actors”

I’ll start with one feature which I personally often use to find new (or new-to-my) music that I love. You may have noticed that when you look up an artist on Spotify, there is a tab called “Related Artists” that lists tons of racial acts to the artist you are looking for. up. Whenever I find an artist that I really like, I look at this section of their Spotify profile. Often, it will list many of the actors I have already been with, so it is surprising when there is someone that I am not familiar with, because there is a high life that it would be. up my way. If you are looking forward to some new artists to spruce up your music library, sit around and search for artists related to your previous favorites and see what’s available up.

2. Get Your Full Benefit Home Page

His home tab on the Spotify app is not the only site for all other services – it is truly hosted to a large number of music search features that will put you to a lot of fresh, good stuff. Initially, yes, it has many playlists full of your favorite music (such as Spotify daily mixes, “best” playlists of artists you always listened to, etc.), which scroll through many sub-sections you ‘I will find all kinds of Spotify playlists of theme. Some are hand-picked (error, algorithm-picked?) For you depending on what you hear, and others are simply songs popular among Spotify users in general.

3. Test-Drive Spotify’s “Daily Drive”

For most people, the only time they have to focus on listening to new music is during their journey to and from work – and the smarties at Spotify check this out. In the summer of 2019, the brand launched a new, daily self-contained set of content called “Daily Drive,” which includes music, podcasts, and daily news that is algorithmically included. according to your tastes.

The new Daily Drive program “combines the best of news presentations, with the consistency and behavior of the soldiers, with the best soundtrack (on demand, personal play and discovery),” according to si Spotify. “It combines your favorite music with ambient, up-to-date world updates from popular sources – all put together in a unique and harmonious listening experience.”

4. Find Artists On “Discovery Week”

While Spotify’s personal daily mixes often include a lot of music you already know, Personalized Discovery playlists (which you can find under “Do It For You”) are ideal to match what they are mentioned for. “Discover Week is a playlist of songs that we think you will love,” Spotify wrote about the playlist. “Depending on what you and those with similar music tastes listen to, it gets much better using Spotify.” Look for automatic Week updates with a new batch of ringtones every Monday, so make sure you listen each week and save your favorite songs before you go right.

5. Shake Out With “Types & Moods”

A never-forgotten part of my Spotify home page, Spotify “Types & Moods” is a really awesome tool when it comes to finding new music. Playlists, created by Spotify, offer something for everyone, depending on (you guessed it) mood and genre. For example, under Spotify Mood playlists, you will find playlists titled Life Sucks, Songs to Sing in the Shower, Boozy Brunch, Rage Beats, and much more. Tell you that there is something for every event. Browse playlists by genre of music (indie pop), emotional state (region), or activity (ride long distances with friends) and find something new to fight for.

6. Stalk Your Friends’ listening habits

Did you know that Spotify also works as a social network of its kind? If you add your friends on Spotify (which is even easier to do if your Spotify account has a link to your Facebook), you can track and follow what they are listening to, explore their public playlists, and peer at painting on their playground. using Spotify Friend activity feature. Pretty cool, right? Instead of forcing your friends to burn blended CDs for you, as we would in the old days, simply lurk out of their Spotify profile and see what catches your eye.


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Tips to Find Latest Music on Spotify
Tips to Find Latest Music on Spotify
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