Tips to Find Lost Phone

Tips to Find Lost Phone

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Guide: How to Find Lost Phone

If your Android device is lost or stolen, there are a few ways you can recover it. Google provides an application and a website called Find My Device that can be used to locate a lost Android phone up, and erase all of its data. Samsung devices in addition feature called Find Me Mobile that can help you find your lost device. Let’s look at both options. Google’s Find My Device is available as an Android application and as a standalone website. both work the same. If you are already logged in to your Google account, you should see a map of the devices you register automatically. From there, you can activate an item to ping your device, lock it and display a message on the screen, or erase all your personal information. This google website is also a good reference when you need to find, shut down, or clean your Android phone.

If you lose sight of your iOS or Android smartphone, both Apple and Google are built in phone recovery technology as part of a native software package powered by your device account – Google for your Android account and iCloud for your iPhone. Both allow you to remotely lock and clean your phone ring, and set up important messages to tell anyone you see. These features works great as long as you phone’s battery holds out.

Android Device Manager or Find My iPhone (iOS)

Google has a built-in tracker in their Android OS. It is already installed, meaning you do not have to download the application separately. To use this, you need to turn on the ADM (which is the default setting) and allow it to be locked or erased phone if you trigger it (which is turned off by default). Finally, your phone need to sync to your Google account, and connect to the internet and, let’s face it, if your thief is disabled either of these two, he can kiss you phone goodbye anyway.

To use the tracker, simply log in to Android Device Manager on the desktop via the synced Google account and select the correct device from the drop-down list. It will find you automatically phone and you can enter it button to make it play, lock, or even erase all your data. If you lose your iPhone or iPad, the process is similar. While the Find My iPhone app is available on the iTunes Store, you do not actually need it installed to track it phone. The service is cloud-based, so all you need is a browser (or application installed on a second apple) and your login data. Just visit and login with your Apple ID. Navigate to “Find My iPhone button on your Dashboard, then select the device you want to search. This may take some time, so be patient.

Google Maps location history

You can use Google Maps to track it phone, in the event that it is turned off or disconnected from the Internet. All you need is to have Status Report and Status History enabled on your device. Just use your Google account through a web browser to access the Local History featurerii verify the current time frame is selected, and you can see the last of your location phone pinged. If phone Turned off, or disconnected, will not show you the real-time results, but it is a good thing the next time you drop it phone during pub hopping and its batteries die. It may also be helpful to consider the transfer procedures, which may be for your theft home or workplace.

Samsung Find Me Mobile

Another worthy mention is Samsung’s official Find Me Mobile app. For this, your phone need to connect to internet, your device needs to register with your Samsung account, and you need to have Find Me Mobile set up. To find your phonograph to Find Me Mobile website and log in. Check the sidebar on the left to make sure phone is registered, then select ‘Find my device’. If your device is connected to the internet, it will give you approximate status for your phone and also allow you to make ringtones, send messages to phone and erase your data.

Dropbox camera upload

Surprisingly, you can, in some cases, also use Dropbox to track it phone, if you already have the opportunity to install the app. His phone need to be online for this, and it needs to be turned on ”Camera Record ”program in the application. Thus, this particular method is not foolish, but there is a situation where it may be the best rifle you have. When you have Camera The upload is activated in Dropbox, will upload any photos taken by the thief with the phone to your Dropbox folder, allows you to identify the thief, and possibly consider your location based on the background in the photo.


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Tips to Find Lost Phone
Tips to Find Lost Phone
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