Tips to Find Tabs On Firefox, Chrome and Opera Browsers

Tips to Find Tabs On Firefox, Chrome and Opera Browsers

Hello Geeky, so today we are focusing on How to Find Tabs On Firefox, Chrome and Opera Browsers. So please read this tutorial carefully so you may comprehend it in a better helpful way.

Guide: How to Find Tabs On Firefox, Chrome and Opera Browsers

When you have more than ten web pages open in your browser, having a search option for them will be helpful. Firefox, Chrome, and Opera, on the other hand, do not have a built-in tab features. As a result, there are a number of plugins available for these browsers that make it easy to find and browse pages in the embarrassing tab bar.

This article explains how to search tabs include Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. I will do my best to make sure you fully understand this tutorial. I hope you like my blog post on how to search tabs include Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. If yes, please share your thoughts.

Find tabs in Google Chrome

To find pages in Google Chrome, add speed tabs to that browser from here. This is an extension that gives you a list of all the open page tabs and includes options to find bookmarks. Once you have installed Chrome, you can select the Fast Tabs button on the toolbar. This includes a number that indicates the number of tabs opened in the browser.

  • Click this button to open the menu. This lists all the pages in the tab bar, and they are sorted with the latest opening at the top. You can open the pages by clicking on the tabs listed in the menu.
  • To find tabs, enter the text in the text box. This will find tabs that match the topic. You will also find bookmarks, and they are listed under the pages.
  • You can close the page at the top of the menu by pressing Ctrl + Alt + D when the speed tabs open. This will close the tab and save it to the recently closed menu menu as below. You can also open closed tabs by selecting them from there.
  • Right click on the Path tabs button and select Options to open the tab below. This includes various displays and search options for the menu. Besides, you can also adjust the tab shortcut from there. Tap Apply Changes at the bottom of the page to save settings.
  • Search Plus is an alternative Chrome extension for finding tabs. You can install it from here. Then click Find More button on the toolbar to open the pop-up window.
  • Enter keywords in the search box and click Go button. It will then show you the open pages that best fit your search query. Tap Download All Tabs to open the complete list of all tab tree pages. Click through button to set tabs listed by Title, URL, or Open Time.
  • The window also includes a hand-held soon button. Select this option to open the list of recently published topics. As such, you can select topics and search queries from there if you need to instead type them again.

Find tabs in Firefox

There are additional tab search features available for Firefox. One of these is the Hugo Find All Tabs which allows you to search web page content for relevant topics. This is an additional download page, and once you have added it to the browser, you will need to drag your icon to the toolbar.

  • Click Open Menu> Customize, then drag it button on the toolbar. Click this button to open the sidebar search.

This plugin works more like an Application in MS Word. When you enter a word in the search box, it will show you all the open page tabs associated with that topic. The sidebar displays each tab found in blue and lists all the relevant keywords of the page as well.

  • Click the highlighted keywords to open the tabs at a more specific point on the page.
  • To select other options, type “about: addons” in the URL box and press Enter. Then click Options button of Hugo Find All Extensions tabs to open the window directly. There you can customize the default keyboard shortcut for side-by-side by selecting the Keyboard tab. Then click Open Hugo Panel, click the new shortcut button, and select Apply> OK.
  • To perform more basic searches on the tab title page, add All Help tabs to Firefox. This is an extension that adds search options to the List list of all Firefox tabs. Click here to open your download page on the Mozilla site.
  • Next, open at least seven or more pages in Firefox so you can select the All Tabs tab shown in the image below.
  • This shows you a list of all your open tabs and now also with a search option. Click Search to open the text box. Check the title box to limit access to the titles of the page tabs only and enter a search query. You will then find and list tabs that contain relevant topics.

Add several shortcut keys that you can press when the ATH panel is open (they do not work with the closed panel).

  • Click the Support Options button on all tabs on about: page addons to open the window, then select the Key Properties tab which lists all keyboard shortcuts. You can customize keyboard shortcuts from there by selecting them, typing other keyboard shortcuts, then clicking Apply button.

Find tabs in Opera

Opera also offers a few extensions with which you can find page tabs. One of these is Switcher which you can install by opening this page and clicking + Add to Opera. When you have a lot of open pages, you can now hit Switcher button on the toolbar to open the search box below.

This menu shows you all open pages except the currently selected one. It lists the recently opened tabs closest to the top.

  • Click the listed tabs to switch between pages.
  • Enter a search query into the text box to find a specific page tab. The best keywords matching keywords entered will be listed at the top of the menu. Search engines filter pages that do not match the topic

Note that the extension also lists recently closed tabs. They are characterized by past influence. So you can quickly reset recently closed pages from the menu.

The Switcher displays 10 tabs closed by default. However, you can increase this number by right-clicking the extension button and selecting Options. This will open the page at the bottom where you can enter another value in the Remember x box of closed tabs.


Guide about How to Find Tabs On Firefox, Chrome and Opera Browsers

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