Tips to Find Your Windows 10 PC’s Bios Version

Tips to Find Your Windows 10 PC’s Bios Version

Hello Geeky, so today we are focusing on How to Find Your Windows 10 PC’s Bios Version. So please read this tutorial carefully so you may comprehend it in a better helpful way.

Guide: How to Find Your Windows 10 PC’s Bios Version

Windows 10 offers many professional options, but if you want to change something important like turning on your computer, you have to do it in the BIOS. What BIOS required? The BIOS stands for Basic Input / Output System and manages your back-end functions laptop, such as: In short, the BIOS is connected to your computer’s motherboard and controls almost everything. Although there are many customization options you can access from the Windows 10 front end, only the BIOS can change certain settings.

Reboot your Computer & Pay attention

The “traditional” way to check the BIOS feature on a computer is to look for a feature notice on the screen during POST as your computer starts to boot.

  • Restart your computer normally, assuming it works well enough to do so. If not, turn off the power manually and restart the computer up.
  • Be careful how your computer first starts and observe the BIOS feature that appears on the screen. Some computers, especially those made by special manufacturers, display a computer screen in the POST output field, which contains the BIOS version number. Pressing Esc or Tab always removes the icon screen and displays the POST information behind it. If the POST results screen disappears quickly, try pressing the hold button on your printer. Most motherboards will stop the boot process, taking a lot of time to read the BIOS version number.
  • Write down the BIOS version number as shown on the screen. It is not always 100 percent clear which cryptic lines of letters and numbers on the screen are feature numbers, so log in whatever it may be.
  • You should have your BIOS version number now. The reboot method is great when you do not have the benefit of a working computer and can not try one of the more convenient methods below.
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Let the BIOS Update Tool tell you

BIOS update is not something you do manually, not completely anyway. In most cases, you will use the necessary BIOS update tools provided by your computer or motherboard manufacturer to perform the task. More often than not, this tool will specify the current BIOS version you have installed, so if you are not ready to update the BIOS, or are not sure what you need to do, the BIOS update tool can be used to check the current version . . You will first need to find an online support for the computer or motherboard maker and then download and operate the tool. There is no need to update anything, so skip the next steps in any instructions you provide.

Use Microsoft Program Information (MSINFO32)

The easiest way to check the BIOS version running on your computer motherboard is through a program called Microsoft Program Information. Not only this method does not require any reboot of your computer, it is already in Windows, meaning there is nothing to download and install.

  • In Windows 10 and Windows 8.1, right-click or right-click the Startup button and then select Run.
  • In the Run or search box, type the following exactly as shown: A window titled System Information will appear on the screen.
  • Select System Overview if not already displayed.
  • On the right side, under the Item page, find the entry titled BIOS Version / Date.
  • Jot down the BIOS version as reported here. You can also export the results of this report to a TXT file via File> Export in the Settings Information menu.
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Use a Third-Party Information Tool

If Microsoft Program Information does not give you the BIOS version data you need, there are many system information tools out there that you can try instead, many more complete than MSINFO32.

  • Download Spec, a completely free program information application for Windows.
  • Install and run Spec if you select the version you can install, or exit and then run Speccy.exe or Speccy64.exe if you select a portable version.
  • Wait while Spec is scanning your computer. This usually takes a few minutes to a few minutes, depending on how fast your computer is running.
  • Select Motherboard from the menu on the left.

Performing Direct Command

A simple command can be used to print a BIOS version in Command Prompt. You can try this before proceeding further below, but after trying the graphic settings above.

Open the Right Order.

  • There are several ways to open Command Prompt, but in most versions of Windows, you can type cmd in the search bar or Start menu to search. In all versions of Windows, running the same command in the Run (WIN + R) dialog box works, in particular.
  • Enter this command, followed by Type: wmic bios get smbiosbiosversion
  • You should see a BIOS feature displayed below the command prompt.

Ma wà O up is the Windows Registry

Last but not least, and perhaps not surprising to those who know, a lot of information about the BIOS can be found in the Windows Registry. Not only is the BIOS version always clearly listed in the registry, so always your motherboard maker and your motherboard model number.

Where to find:

  • Open the Registry Editor.
  • From the Registry Hive menu on the left, expand HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE.
  • Continue to hit inside HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, first with HARDWARE, then DESCRIPTION, then System.
  • With System expanded, select BIOS.
  • On the right side, in the list of registry values, find the one named BIOS Version. Surprisingly… the value on the right is a BIOS version now inserted.
  • Write down the BIOS version somewhere, as well as the Base Board manufacturer and Base Board value product, if you need them.
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Guide about How to Find Your Windows 10 PC’s Bios Version

In this guide, we told you about the How to Find Your Windows 10 PC’s Bios Version; please read all steps above so that you understand How to Find Your Windows 10 PC’s Bios Version in case if you need any assistance from us, then contact us.

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