Tips to fix “Access Denied” Error on Windows 11

Tips to fix “Access Denied” Error on Windows 11

Hello Geeky, so today we are focusing on How to fix “Access Denied” Error on Windows 11. So please read this tutorial carefully so you may comprehend it in a better helpful way.

Guide: How to fix “Access Denied” Error on Windows 11

On your Windows 11 PC, do you experience problems accessing specific files, processes, or folders? If this is the case, you probably most likely encountered a “Reject Login” message while trying to navigate your device. It can be awful to work into this problem, even if you are the only computer owner who cannot access your personal information.

When performing certain tasks, such as accessing, transferring, copying, or deleting files and processes, an “Denied Access” error occurs. We will go through several ways to rectify this error and why you are getting into this.

Why are you receiving a “Login” error message?

On Windows programs, Login Error indicates that you do not have permission to view the file or folder. This is because the current user account you are running on your computer has written access to it through your device. Only, it accesses your paths, folders, and files with an illegal account.

This problem can also be caused by ownership and file encryption problems. It is also possible that access has been blocked by a third-party antivirus program. Some programs, for example, may interpret the original configuration wizard as a threat, which is almost always false positive.

How do I fix a build error in Windows 11?

Use Computer Control

  • Right-click on Start button and select Computer Control.
  • Expand Local Users and Groups, then open the Users folder.
  • Right-click on Administrator, then tap Properties.
  • Uncheck the box next to Account is disabled and click Apply and OK button on the bottom side.
  • Click the Groups folder on the left, right-click on Administrator, then click Properties.
  • Click on Add button.
  • Enter the text test in the open window, click on Check Names, then click Apply and OK button in the current window as well as in the Properties window.

Set up your account as administrator

  • Press the Windows + R key and then enter the control user passwords2. Finally, click OK button.
  • The User Accounts window will now appear. Check the box next to Users must enter username and password to use this computer, then select your account and click Properties button under it.
  • Navigate to the Team tab. Select Administrator and click Apply and OK.
  • Restart your computer as soon as you have completed the procedures described above to determine whether or not the problem has been resolved.

Turn off your antivirus software

Although antivirus security is very important, it is likely that a third-party antivirus program will cause this error. Users have reported that they received Access written warning during an attempt to install specific applications and that the reason is their security software.

To solve this problem, you need to update your security settings for a while and then try installing the application again. If the problem does not appear, your antivirus program is probably rooted, and you should consider choosing one of these antivirus solutions for Windows 11 to protect your computer.

Check your permissions

  • Find the problem guide, right-click on it, and select Properties from the menu.
  • Next, navigate to the Security tab and click Edit button.
  • Select your username from the list and make sure you check the box next to full control for the Allow page in the Permissions section, then click OK.
  • This is a rather simple solution, but if the username is not on the list you will have to manually add it then change your permissions.

Activate the Hidden Commander account

  • Press the Windows + S key, type in cmd, and right-click on the most useful result to Run as administrator.
  • When the Command Prompt starts, execute the command below. By doing so you will open the account manager: average user / operator: yes
  • Now log out of your account and switch to the new active account. From there you should be able to access your files without any problems.
  • After you are finished using the Administrator account, go back to your main account and start Command Prompt as administrator again as we did in the first step. Now enter the following command to activate the Administrator account: net user administrator / active: no
  • Remember that after switching to your original account the issue may continue. If needed, you can use the Administrator account to make important changes to your system and fix the problem.

Get ownership of the file

  • Find the problem folder, right-click on it, and select Properties from the menu.
  • Navigate to the Security tab and click Advanced button.
  • Find the Owner section at the top and click on Switch.
  • The Select User or Group window will now appear. In Enter an item name to select a field, enter Administrators or enter your username. Now click Check Names button, then tap OK button to save the changes made.
  • Check the box next to Replace all child authorization entries with authorized entries inherited from this item and click Apply and OK to save the changes.


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Tips to fix “Access Denied” Error on Windows 11
Tips to fix “Access Denied” Error on Windows 11
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