Tips to fix ‘Calculator Won’t Start’ issue in Windows PC

Tips to fix ‘Calculator Won’t Start’ issue in Windows PC

Hello Geeky, so today we are focusing on How to fix ‘Calculator Won’t Start’ issue in Windows PC. So please read this tutorial carefully so you may comprehend it in a better helpful way.

Guide: How to fix ‘Calculator Won’t Start’ issue in Windows PC

Windows 10 includes a built-in calculator, and many other basic programs, the same as previous versions of Windows. Apart from simple calculations, this calculator is very useful and capable of performing many tasks (such as science and programming calculations, and many unit conversions). Unfortunately, many users are experiencing problems with Windows 10 operating system, such as Windows 10 Calculator Not Working. And you will be surprised to learn that the problem with the Windows 10 operating system is one of the most common problems reported by customers, with Microsoft helping them.

We all use Windows calculator, which is a very simple application that allows you to perform many speed calculations. As a result, it is rather annoying to see that the accounting system will not launch or crash for some users. You should go through our Windows 10 version to learn more about many Windows related topics.

There could be several reasons why the calculator inside Windows 10 did not work. It is possible that your calculator will not work if your system does not work up to date, or if you have missing or error-riding Registry and Program files. So, this is the solution to the question of “How can I fix a computer application on Windows 10?”

How to Update Calculator in Windows 10:

As I told you earlier that after this calculation does not work in Windows 10 issue, there is no specific reason. So there is no specific solution for it. If you are facing the same problems with Calculator on Windows 10 here are a few solutions that can help you. Here in this article, I will mention some different ways to correct this error; among which some work for most users and some work for few users.

Update Calculator To Fix Windows 10 Calculator Application

In terms of fixing this calculator does not work in Windows 10, you can simply check for updates to your calculator application in the windows store, which previously failed to resolve your issue. If you find any updates for your app, then update it. You can fix your problem with your calculator.

Configured calculator To Fix Windows 10 Calculator Not Working

If you find your Windows 10 operating system is not working, the first thing you can do is configure the application. This process works as a solution for most users. It is a very simple process and does not take long.

To reset your computer in Windows 10 easily open All Settings> click on ‘Applications’> click the’ Account ‘option’ open ‘Advanced Options’> click’ Configure ‘ button. You will receive a certificate popup after clicking on that configuration button. Simply click on Restart. Check your computer after this configuration process. Your issue should be resolved now. If not, then go for the next one.

Reinstall the calculator To Fix Windows 10 Calculator Not Working

If the two methods mentioned above fail to fix the calculator does not work problem in Windows 10 then I would recommend that you reinstall your calculator. Although this method is not a traditional one. But like other built-in Microsoft account processors you do not have the option to uninstall. Windows PowerShell will help you perform the removal process.

Simply go to Windows PowerShell by startup button> click on Run as Administrator> type the command Get-AppxPackage * windowscalculator * | Remove-AppxPackage (Running the command will uninstall your application)> reinstall your computer application using the Get-AppxPackage-AllUsers | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage-DisableDevelopmentMode-Register “$ ($ _.InstallLocation) AppXManifest. }> Press Enter.

This will also install your application which solves your case.

Create a New User Account To Fix Windows 10 Calculator Not Working

If the third method I mentioned above does not work, then go for the one I am mentioning now. You can try to resolve your issue by creating another user account by following these steps.

Click add a user by clicking on the menu bar> click on Add, edit, or remove other people’s options> click on Add someone to this PC option on the new window titled under family & other people> click on I do not have access to this person

Information option from the following window> + 6+> Here you can add a new username and password with a password hint> Click Next button. So your new account has been created. Access easily. you can do so easily by clicking on this multiplayer button in the Start menu, then by selecting a new user ID. Once you log in with your new ID, try logging in to the Calculator and see if you can not open Calculator in Windows 10. If so, try running the scan mentioned below.

Enabling SFC Scan to fix Windows 10 does not work

If all of the above failed to fix your case with the Windows 10 operating system, you should try the method I will say. It is possible that it is facing this calculator not working case for some error with the system files. In this case, you can run an SFC scan to find the damaged file and when it finds it, it will fix the error for you. You can run SFC scan by the method mentioned below.

Press Win + X> select Command Prompt (Admin)> type sfc / scannow> Press Enter.

It will start your SFC scanning process. It may take some time to complete. After finished, you have to restart your computer. After restarting your PC try to run the software application.

DISM test

If the SFC scanner fails to fix your issue with the calculator you can go for the DISM scanner by the procedure I will mention below.Open Command Prompt> click DISM / Online / Cleanup-Image / RestoreHealth> Press Enter> This check may take some time more to finish. Do not interrupt the process during a scan. After completing this DISM scan it is easy to run another SFC scan by the way I told you before. Let the scan finish. Restart your PC and try to run your calculator.

Update Operating System

One of the main reasons behind this is that Windows 10 Calculator does not work in your system up to date. So try to keep your system updated regularly to make your applications work better.


Guide about How to fix ‘Calculator Won’t Start’ issue in Windows PC

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