Tips to Fix ‘Can’t Open JPG Files on Win­dows 11/10’ Issue

Tips to Fix ‘Can’t Open JPG Files on Win­dows 11/10’ Issue

Hello Geeky, so today we are focusing on How to Fix ‘Can’t Open JPG Files on Win­dows 11/10’ Issue. So please read this tutorial carefully so you may comprehend it in a better helpful way.

Guide: How to Fix ‘Can’t Open JPG Files on Win­dows 11/10’ Issue

JPEG is the most widely used map for image and documents. Over time, the client has started moving to other advanced formats, however JPEG is also becoming more widely used. Here is the explanation for it. During the compression of images, it does not influence the perceivability much, unless you push things off the limit.

A couple of Windows updates damaged the situation and users began to face issues with JPEG images. It is possible that they will not open through any muscle of the imagination or will not work with certain materials. On occasion, users cannot save Fill files into JPEG format.

How to Repeat the text “Cannot Open JPEG file” on Windows?

Name the file

  • Incorrect file extension can be a major reason that may not allow you to access JPG files on your device. Converting JPG / JPEG files can help you fix the issue. Here is what you need to do:
  • Select the JPG file you can’t open, right-click on it and tap the “Rename” option. Now rename the JPG file and use .jpg normally as a file extension before saving. After changing the file, try looking at using the Windows Photos application to check if it is still facing any issues.
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Update Windows Photo App

  • Windows Photo App is the default photo viewer application on your device. If the app is outdated or corrupt, you may not be able to view any files and still encounter many other issues. Updating the latest version of the app will allow you to deal with errors, bugs, and technical flaws.
  • To update the Windows Photo Viewer application, you will have to update the OS because it is one of the automatic applications that comes with the update itself.
  • Click the Windows icon, select Settings. Click the “Update and Security” category.
  • Click “Check for updates” button then wait a few minutes to see if any new updates are available for your device.
  • If so, update your device immediately and install the latest version of Windows.
  • And another, to update the Photos application, you will have to go to the Microsoft App Store.
  • Launch the App Store, tap on the three-icon icon placed on the top right corner, select “Downloads and Updates”.
  • In the list of “Available Updates” check if you find the Photos application. If there is an update, update to the latest version of the Windows Photos application on your device.

Performing SFC scanning

  • SFC (System File Scanning) is a built-in Windows troubleshooting tool that allows you to scan and fix corrupted system files and programs. The SFC tool replaces corrupted files with a saved copy and allows you to fix system errors within no time. You can use the SFC command to edit the text “Cannot open JPG file” on Windows. Follow these quick steps:
  • Launch the Start menu search, click “Command Prompt”, right-click on it, and select “Run as Administrator”. Once Command Prompt opens in admin mode, type the next command and hit Enter.
  • The scanning process may download up a few minutes. Sit down and rest until the SFC tool performs the task of repairing corrupt system files and programs. Once the scanning process is complete, reboot your device then try opening the troublesome JPG file again to see if you still experience the same issue.
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Restore Default Photos App

  • At our next desktop, we will make Windows Photos a default application for viewing digital images.
  • Open Settings> Applications. Switch to the “Default Applications” section from the left menu.
  • Scroll down and hit on “Configure” button.
  • Now set “Windows Photos” as the default photo application on your device.

Use the Selection Tool to Unlock the JPG File

  • If you cannot open the JPG file in one application, try to plan others to load the contents of the file. Right-click on the file and select the “Open with” option, select any other application such as Photoshop, Paint, Inkscape, etc. to open the JPG file.

Scan Your Device for Virus or Malware

  • Try the above-mentioned workarounds and still no luck? Well, it may be that your Windows PC has some traces of malicious errors or bugs.
  • To make sure your machine is 100% scanned and free of malware, download and install Systweak Antivirus tool on your PC. Perform a quick scan to track hidden scans and malware threats on your Windows PC.


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