Tips to Fix ‘Cinema HD APK Keeps Crashing’ Issue

Tips to Fix ‘Cinema HD APK Keeps Crashing’ Issue

Hello Geeky, so today we are focusing on How to Fix ‘Cinema HD APK Keeps Crashing’ Issue. So please read this tutorial carefully so you may comprehend it in a better helpful way.

Guide: How to Fix ‘Cinema HD APK Keeps Crashing’ Issue

When I installed Cinema HD on Firestick it worked amazingly and I really enjoyed the work for Cinema HD. But after using the application for about a year I get some issues related to lost links, no data available, penalties, server errors etc. In short, Cinema HD apk of stop working on my Firestick. I was very nervous when Cinema HD v2 did not work on my Firestick. I googled some solutions but none of them worked so I used my brain and after a day of trouble with Cinema HD I got it working again on Firestick.

So if you are also someone who has jailbroken Firestick and Cinema HD V2 not working on your Firestick device then please read this guide calm down and I am sure it will solve your problem. After fixing my Cinema HD apk error that did not work, I found that there are many users out there who also face a similar problem.

What To Do When Watching Cinema HD Recording Error

Activate Unknown Sources

You will see a recording error while downloading the HD cartoon app to your Android phone or fire. In general, the Android ecosystem will not allow you to install applications that are not from google play.

  • So make sure you have turned on unknown sources (or) applications from unknown sources on Android and light TV.
  • To make changes on Android, go to Settings> Security> Developer Options> Unknown Sources.
  • And firestick users have to follow the settings Settings> My TV Fire> Developer Options> Applications from unknown sources.

Try installing hd movies after making changes as mentioned above. If you do not find any improvement, consider reading it guide to install cartoon HD apk on Android and steps to follow to download cartoon HD apk on firestick. I hope this will fix the download cartoon apk error.

Free Up Storage space on your device

Devices will not have storage space or deficit space will not be able to go through the installation process. Therefore, it is advisable to find a free space on it phone or fire. If you notice that there is no storage space on your device, delete some unwanted files and try to install them again. You can use this application to clean the cold files and junk files from your device.

What To Do When Cinema HD Causes Crash

Force Duro Cinema HD App

  • This is the first thing you have to do to make hd movies up and cooking. There is not much to do because it is very easy to do on Android and firestick. Open Settings on your device and navigate to Applications. Select Cinema HD which is constantly hitting, hit “Power Hold”.
  • Now, restart it phone and check if the movie apk is still crashing or working properly.

Change the Network Connection

It is found that most of the apps are getting hit due to restrictions imposed by ISPs. Therefore, it is recommended to change the internet connection on your device.

If you have a problem with the wifi network, try switching to another network if you have one. Otherwise, you can try with mobile data or vice versa. To apply the changes, restart phone or firestick and check back again.

What To Do When Cinema HD Displays a gray screen or black screen

Display Debrid Option Only

  • I think he is not a real debrid subscriber and he is trying to watch a few movies. Display only garbage option will not display any data if you do not log in to real garbage. So, you have to kill it.
  • To do this, Go to Settings and open the Account and scroll down to General Settings. Change the “OFF” option to “Show only garbage”. Restart the application and make sure hd movies are playing up all content.

Update Cinema HD App

Cinema HD gray screen error and black screen error usually occur with older versions. In order to make sure that you are using the current version (v2.3.6.1), go to app info by long pressing app. If you find that you are using an older version of the app, you will have to update to a newer version.

To update the app, first uninstall it from your device. Restart the phone and download the latest hd apk movie feature and try installing again. Since you are installing the app again, you do not have to tweak unknown sources now. Read this guide to Update Cinema HD apk To New Version Today.

Check App Permissions

Most of the applications will work without any special permissions on your devices. But sometimes, you will have to give some permissions such as access to storage for downloading files. Go to the home screen of your device, select the app and long press to get the app information.

Navigate to the Permissions tab and give special permissions to the application to test if it works from now on. If you still see the same blank screen on the movie, you can turn off the permissions and try the next fix.

Clear Cache App

Sometimes, the app cache will take the trouble. If you have tried to open up the app when there is no active internet connection, that cache will be stored in the application. When you try to watch some movies or shows with an active internet connection, our cache worlds are already loaded up.

To clear the cache, open it up the Settings> Storage, hit “Saved Data” and click “OK” when done. Otherwise you can open the app settings and not hd movies away. Try your luck, it should work now.

What To Do When Cinema HD Playback Fails?

Turn off Automatic Work Option

Cinema HD is a search engine and you will be free to pick a link to play. Whenever you turn on the automation option, it will automatically activate up any link ID and start working that link.

There are worlds where the link may have expired or not. Open the Cinema HD application on your Android phone or firestick and go to the app’s hamburger menu. Go to Settings and then to the Automatic Work option. Make sure that both options you see on the screen are turned off.

Ko App Data

There is a chance that some data will be saved according to the settings and favorites inside the app. To use the changes you make, you will have to clear the app data.

To do so, go to home screen of your device, long press the application and go to “App Information”. There you see the options, hit “Clear App Data” and close it.


Guide about How to Fix ‘Cinema HD APK Keeps Crashing’ Issue

In this guide, we told you about the How to Fix ‘Cinema HD APK Keeps Crashing’ Issue; please read all steps above so that you understand How to Fix ‘Cinema HD APK Keeps Crashing’ Issue in case if you need any assistance from us, then contact us.

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