Tips to fix ‘Error 0x803f7001 in Windows 10 PC’ Issue

Tips to fix ‘Error 0x803f7001 in Windows 10 PC’ Issue

Hello Geeky, so today we are focusing on How to fix ‘Error 0x803f7001 in Windows 10 PC’ Issue. So please read this tutorial carefully so you may comprehend it in a better helpful way.

Guide: How to fix ‘Error 0x803f7001 in Windows 10 PC’ Issue

Deployment error 0x803F7001 is one of the Windows 10 errors that can bother computer users. One of the main reasons for this error is that Microsoft changed the operating system on Windows 10. Previous Windows versions were activated by simply pressing the product key. Enabling Windows 10 works differently, however. The new version of Windows uses digital rights and does not require you to press the product key.

This error message may also appear after installing Windows, modifying the motherboard or the Input / Output System (BIOS) or Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) update. The worst thing about this error is that it prevents Windows 10 from activating. Therefore, it is important to correct the operating error 0x803F7001 as soon as possible. We offer a few ways below to help you get back to a machine that works well.

What is error code 0x803f7001

If you see error code 0x803f7001, it means that your copy of Windows 10 is not registered in the Microsoft database. The error occurred when Windows did not have a valid registry key on file for the device. There are other reasons why the Windows 10 error code may appear:

  • The program does not have enough time to communicate with the Microsoft database.
  • You are not registered for the Windows 10 license key at all.
  • It is running a fake version of Windows 10.
  • SLUI runs into error during deployment (if Windows 10 license key is enabled by SLUI).
  • It upgrades the system application significantly enough to confuse Windows into believing it is on a completely new, unregistered device.
  • You tried to install Windows 10 on a second installation, and now this device does not recognize how active it is in Microsoft data.
  • A virus or other malware attacks the Windows registry.
  • There was an error in the Windows Registry.
  • The operating system is not gone.
  • System drivers are not gone or not installed properly.

Fix Windows 10 activation key will not work error code

Check internet connection

You need an internet signal to register the operating system. Make sure you give the device enough time to communicate with the Microsoft database.

Re-register your Windows 10 license key

If you have purchased a new computer with Windows 10 installed, the key will be found either in the document file or in our physical location somewhere on the computer case. On laptop, it can be located somewhere on the device’s underside. If you purchased a separate copy of Windows 10, the license code will be available either on the back of the physical box or in the email if you purchased Windows 10 digitally.

If you upgrade from Windows 8 or Windows 7, the Windows 10 registry key is the same one you used for either of those operating systems. If that doesn’t work, switch back to the previous version of Windows, activate your key again from there, and try to upgrade to Windows 10 again later.

Check PC for malware

Use Windows Defender or other free antivirus program to run a complete security scan.

Updating Windows

If possible, check for Windows updates to download any recent patches from Microsoft that may fix the problem.

Update drivers

Past drivers may cause all errors, including error code 0x803f7001.

Clear the Windows Registry

Use the free registry cleaner to remove old entries and corruption from the registry which may cause errors.


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