Tips to Fix ‘Google Chrome Keeps Auto-Refreshing Tabs’ Issue

Tips to Fix ‘Google Chrome Keeps Auto-Refreshing Tabs’ Issue

Hello Geeky, so today we are focusing on How to Fix ‘Google Chrome Keeps Auto-Refreshing Tabs’ Issue. So please read this tutorial carefully so you may comprehend it in a better helpful way.

Guide: How to Fix ‘Google Chrome Keeps Auto-Refreshing Tabs’ Issue

Chrome browser is very slow if you force it to go beyond its limits. But it is still human nature that such a program would be less effective when it is forced, which is far more than a program can accomplish. A major problem that Chrome browser makes its users suffer from is automatically editing / updating web pages when not working in one tab.

In my case, this always happens to me when jumping between open or loaded tabs. For example, if I move 5 open tabs and switch to another tab and return to the previous one, it will be right or reload. It starts with a long middle. Initially, the loaded tabs did not change for about an hour before being repaired.

Disposing of a Lost Tab with Extensions

Unfortunately, the chrome: // flags / # automatic-tab-disscarding option has been deleted and removed from the current version of the experiment. features available for use in browser. So, the only option is to download the Chrome extension to do the job for you.

  • Open a new Chrome tab, type ‘chrome: // extensions’ into the Find tool and press Enter.
  • Now, click on the main menu in the extension page, it is a three horizontal line next to Extensions.
  • Next, click on Open Chrome Web Store at the bottom of the side window that appears. You can also access the Google Chrome Store directly via url, but it’s nice to have several options to choose from.
  • Click the ‘discarding tab’ in the Find tool and then select Disable focus tab from the list of extensions.
  • Click Add to Chrome to add an extension to your browser.
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This extension will cover the process below every time a new browser opens, but if you do not like installing a bunch of third-party applications on your browser, then continue reading to see how the process works manually .

Turn off Discardable automatically Feature on the Analog Tab

If you want to know more about Chrome and the Lost tab, there is a neat page that tells you everything within Chrome, and, also, provides a way to turn off automatic updates on inactive tabs in your browser.

  • Open a new Chrome tab.
  • Paste ‘chrome: // discards’ into the search tool and press Enter.
  • Now, find the page you can turn off automatically and click on Switch under the check mark of the tab you want to activate.
  • You should see an X above the Toggle option for that tab.
  • Repeat this process for any other tabs you need to.

If you want to replace the default tabs and your PC is slowing down, you can close some tabs or use this page to check what kind of tabs have opened for how long. If you select a database on a page, you can even view the amount of memory each tab uses. This can be useful when you need to get free up some RAM.

Simply identify a tab with the most memory footprint, go to Throw, and select Throw quickly for that tab. Check if this helps you. If not, break and repeat the process until your device returns to normal.


Guide about How to Fix ‘Google Chrome Keeps Auto-Refreshing Tabs’ Issue

In this guide, we told you about the How to Fix ‘Google Chrome Keeps Auto-Refreshing Tabs’ Issue; please read all steps above so that you understand How to Fix ‘Google Chrome Keeps Auto-Refreshing Tabs’ Issue in case if you need any assistance from us, then contact us.

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