Tips to Fix ‘MRT blocked by System Administrator’ Issue in Windows 11/10

Tips to Fix ‘MRT blocked by System Administrator’ Issue in Windows 11/10

Hello Geeky, so today we are focusing on How to Fix ‘MRT blocked by System Administrator’ Issue in Windows 11/10. So please read this tutorial carefully so you may comprehend it in a better helpful way.

Guide: How to Fix ‘MRT blocked by System Administrator’ Issue in Windows 11/10

MRT stands for “Malicious Removal Tool”, a free security application from Microsoft installed on Windows operating systems. While it does not provide real-time protection, it really helps in the fight against malware and provides additional PC protection when the computer scans MRI from time to time. For a while while using this application I received an error message, “MRT blocked by your system administrator. Please contact your system administrator for more information. “This error message indicates that the application has been blocked by the administrator. It is very annoying when software developed by Microsoft does not work properly in Windows operating system. It is amazing to see that software developed by Microsoft does not work well on your operating system.

Practical methods that can be used to solve this problem, which users have well received, and we have put together something for you to check out! The software can be listed in the software restriction policy, which automatically raises the error message every time you run it. Some registry entries prevent the tool from starting and the best bet is to try deleting them. The file may not be owned by the administrator account and you should try changing the ownership to take this into account. File sometimes requires administrator privileges to work properly.

Repeat: Prohibit MRT by Program Manager

Remove the MRT from the List of Restricted Programs by Software Software

An error message indicating that the app has been blocked by your Program Manager indicates that there is a policy that outlines MRT as a program which should be avoided even though it is a Microsoft policy. The problem can be solved by removing the MRT from the list of problems. This can be done in many different ways but the best way to do so is by using the Registry Editor as a Group Policy Editor not available on Windows 10 Home.

  • As long as you keep your registry key locked, we recommend that you check this item that has been published for you to back up your registry safely to avoid other problems. However, no error will occur if you follow the steps closely and regularly.
  • Open the Registry Editor window by typing “regedit” in either the search tool, Start menu, or the Run dialog box which you can access with the Windows Key + R. key.
  • Navigate to the next button in your registry by scrolling to the left:
    • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE Microsoft Windows Safer Instructions
  • Press this key and try to find a key called MRT or Malicious Removal Tool. Right-click on it, and select the Delete option from the text menu. Confirm any dialog box that may indicate up.
  • Finally, navigate to the registry below and search again for a button named associated with the MRT lines. Right-click on the found button and select Delete. Exit Registry Editor, restart your computer, and check to see if there is still a problem.
    • HKEY_CURRENT_USERSOFTWARE Microsoft Windows Instructions

Delete a Registration Entry

This method has been shown as the best solution for users who fail to benefit from the method shown in Solution 1. Sometimes user computers do not have MRT in the list of restricted tools by Software Restrictions but also failed to launch. This method is successful to most people and we recommend that you check it out!

  • Let’s start with that method by deleting the following registry entries using Command Prompt to avoid having to search them all manually.
  • Search for “Right Order” either right in the Start menu or by tapping the search button right next to it. Right-click on the main result that appears at the top and select the “Run as Administrator” option.
  • Users using an older version of Windows can use the Windows Logo Key + R key to bring it up up Making dialog box. Press “cmd” in the box and use Ctrl + Shift + Press the combination key to execute Command Prompt as a manager.
  • After this step, you will have to restart your computer in order to apply the changes. Check to see if MRT is blocked by the Program Manager error message still displayed!

Add Permissions for Administrator Account

Getting a file is important sometimes if you want to add permissions to multiple user accounts to edit or copy the file. At this time, we will add the Registrar account as the owner. Owning is a very simple process in general and will give you full access to the security properties of the file if you follow the instructions provided below with great care.

  • Open your Libraries entry on your PC or open any folder on your computer and click this PC option from the left menu.
  • Navigate to the location where the mrt.exe file is located.
  • You will need to get ownership of the executable. Right-click the mrt.exe file, click Properties, then click Security
  • Click Advanced button. The “Advanced Security Settings” window appears. Here you need to change the Owner of the key.
  • Click the Switch link next to the “Owners:” icon The Select User or window icon will appear.
  • Select a user account through Advanced button or enter your user account in the area that says ‘Enter item name to select’ and click OK. Add a Administrator account.
  • Alternatively, to change the owner of all internal folders and folders files, select the check box “Replace owner on internal boxes and objects” in the “Advanced Security Settings” window. Click OK to change the property.
  • Now that you have complete control over the folder, open it, select everything you see inside and access the files properly. Restart your computer and the problem should be resolved.

Running MRT as Coordinator

Finally, you can just try to force it to work with supervisor permissions as it works for some people. However, this is more functional and you should of course check the above methods before trying this. This will force MRT to work with supervisor permissions and will hopefully avoid MRT blocked by the Program Manager problem.

  • Find the mrt.exe file and modify your properties by right-clicking either on the desktop, the Start menu or the search results window and select Properties. Navigate to the Compatibility tab in the Properties window and check the box next to Setting this setting as the administrator option before using the changes.
  • Make sure you confirm any communications that may appear to you to confirm with the monitoring benefits and the MSI Gaming App should launch with the monitoring benefits from this point on. Open it by double clicking on it and trying to see if the error appears again.


Guide about How to Fix ‘MRT blocked by System Administrator’ Issue in Windows 11/10

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Tips to Fix ‘MRT blocked by System Administrator’ Issue in Windows 11/10
Tips to Fix ‘MRT blocked by System Administrator’ Issue in Windows 11/10
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