Tips to Fix ‘PowerPoint Keeps Crashing on Mac’ Issue

Tips to Fix ‘PowerPoint Keeps Crashing on Mac’ Issue

Hello Geeky, so today we are focusing on How to Fix ‘PowerPoint Keeps Crashing on Mac’ Issue. So please read this tutorial carefully so you may comprehend it in a better helpful way.

Guide: How to Fix ‘PowerPoint Keeps Crashing on Mac’ Issue

PowerPoint keeps hitting. You do not know why. That’s why you’re here, right? Microsoft PowerPoint can be a powerful tool for making great presentations, but even it can occasionally crash, hang, or freeze. This is the last thing you want when you are presenting with a strict deadline and no one is worried about stealing their slideshow while giving that special presentation.

If PowerPoint crashes while creating awesome deck, do not throw it away laptop out of the window and read us helpful tips on how to edit PowerPoint. I will do my best to understand this guide very well.


Fortunately, the problem of why your PowerPoint crash crash may have already been fixed. We all hate updated notifications, but running up-to-date software can lead to failures and even security issues. So update it! Make sure you are running the latest possible version of PowerPoint and try to open your presentation file as usual. If you need to manually download updates, you can do so from Microsoft here. If there is no problem anymore, awesome. But if PowerPoint just hits again, it’s time to try something else.

Consider your Hardware

You may love your old self laptopa device that has seen you through college and many careers. However, you need to ask yourself: do up to work? New software is being developed to take advantage of the advanced capabilities of new technology. Is there a world where your device is too old and under the power to run smoothly with the best presentation file?

View the RAM on your computer, as well as the speed and storage capacity. Also, remember that as a computer grows, it is more prone to falls and glitches. If you are worried that it has crashed because of your device, try your PowerPoint file on another, faster device and see what happens. All right? Dear friends, it is not good for ‘Old Reliable’.

File size

We always recommend that you make your PowerPoint presentations as visual as possible. But a .ppt file full of glorious high-res images and HD video, not to mention all the conversions you create and animations, would be great. Large PowerPoint files stored with large amounts of unwanted content can also be the cause of crashes, so think about saving space wherever you can.

Reducing file sizes within PowerPoint is a refreshing option. Just select them and click on the Image Format tab, then Click Pictures. Choose the level of compression you want, but we suggest you go for ‘Web (150ppi)’ as this will allow you a lot but will make sure you are still good on the screen. Video content can be compressed in the same way.

In the File tab, click Info, and then in the Media Size and Services section, tap Media Compress. PowerPoint then locates all video content in your file giving you the option to compress to Output Quality, Internet Quality or Low Quality. Go for Internet Quality as, again, it appears on a screen.

Computer troubles

If anything like us, your laptop is more than a work machine. Games, streaming Netflix, and other internet-based ‘hobbies’ will get their money’s worth on your computer. Even the most modern and high-powered laptops will start to experience glitches and crashes as soon as the end of their work has been pushed, inserted into PowerPoint or not.

If your PowerPoint problems persist, check to see what else your computer is currently working on. Turn off all unnecessary processes and resources and see if that helps.

Also check that no other programs accessing the media have been copied into your presentation file. Make sure to delete Photoshop favorites as the edited images for the slideshow can still be opened there.


Your personal presentation software is a useful way of writing a unique slide deck. However, all of those third-party installations can be the cause of cold PowerPoint cases, so run this simple test.

Navigate to where all the plugins are listed and not everyone checks. Now, restart PowerPoint and see what happens. Start turning plug-ins back on, one by one, restart after all. If the problems start again after a specific reinstall is activated, your issue remains. Try to see the source of the addition, if you can update, or consider removing it altogether.

Fix Office

PowerPoint is part of Microsoft’s larger Office suite. Check if your existing Office programs are still running, because errors may lie there. Open Word, Excel etc and have fiddle around. Create new documents and save as new files. Did they fall the same way again?

If so, it may be a case of Office repair. On a Windows PC, close all the apps and navigate to Control Panel. Find Programs and Featuresthen find Microsoft Office. Right click on it, select Change, then click Repair. Restart PowerPoint and check to see if freezing is ongoing.

Antivirus complications

It may seem like both of them are very different, but the old antivirus software can be a problem for many other applications. Fortunately, this is the simplest of repairs – update it. If updates do not occur automatically, check with anyone who uses antivirus security to see how it goes about that process.

If even with the most up-to-date PowerPoint software antivirus still running, try uninstalling. Make sure you also have either physical back-upor the right product keys to reinstall the antivirus, then try opening PowerPoint without it there. If all goes well, contact your scanners and kick in up hype about your problems. But if there are still issues, ruining your day, go to us final step.


Guide about How to Fix ‘PowerPoint Keeps Crashing on Mac’ Issue

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