Tips to fix ‘Spotify Offline Sync not working’ Issue

Tips to fix ‘Spotify Offline Sync not working’ Issue

Hello Geeky, so today we are focusing on How to fix ‘Spotify Offline Sync not working’ Issue. So please read this tutorial carefully so you may comprehend it in a better helpful way.

Guide: How to fix ‘Spotify Offline Sync not working’ Issue

When it comes to listening to music, Spotify is one of the biggest apps. Every day, I, like millions of others, use this app to listen to music. Spotify now offers many incredible features allowing you to listen to music from different genres, moods, and store multiple playlists. Many customers have experienced negative feedback with their Spotify application in recent months, when they received an error message saying Offline Offline does not work.

This problem means that you will not be able to listen to music stored locally on your smartphone or computer. To prevent the Spotify offline Sync not functioning issue, users must be connected to the internet. The reason for this problem is that the synchronization function is not working properly. You will not be able to use the record feature or offline tracks in this mode. If you have trouble with anything similar, this is it how to also quickly.

How to Fix Spotify Offline Sync Not Working

In short, offline synchronization feature does not work due to some software bugs on your app itself. There are various ways to get around this error and get the application running again.

Activate synchronization

Spotify has a sync feature where you connect different devices together with local tracks on our device. Follow the instructions below to enable this feature.

  • Go to Settings, scroll down to Local Files, then make sure it is enabled or reactivated. Wait a few minutes, then try syncing again.
  • Connect the phone to PC / Mac, then click on Spotify’s Devices tab and sync. Make sure this is done with Spotify installed on all devices.

Update the Spotify Application

Word is not able to organize our local music files on the old version of the Spotify application only. Spotify app developers release new updates every month with added updates and updates features. So make sure you download the latest version of Spotify on your device from the Play Store.

Remove DRM content

DRM refers to the management of digital rights, where it protects digital content from being copied or transferred by hand. Spotify has strict rules when it comes to pirated or DRM locked content.

If you have a song on your local filter, which is a paid song, and you do not have a purchase / license for it, then remove the song from the folder. After that, you can restart the Spotify app and it will work with your offline songs.

Replace the local music folder

In some cases, Spotify may not be able to think of music files and folders they are stored in. In such scenarios, it is best to save all the music / music files to Android >> Music folder. Also, make sure that you do not store music files on an external SD card. External SD cards can be damaged at any time and can lead to Offline Sync not working on their Spotify application case.

Check out music extensions

Spotify works best with MP3 tracks, but also reads other formats such as .ogg and .acc. If your music files are saved in unknown formats other than mp3 files, then Spotify may not be able to play them in the local library. MP3 is a very popular music format, and you will be able to find all your favorite songs in this format if you watch up on the Internet.


Guide about How to fix ‘Spotify Offline Sync not working’ Issue

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