Tips to fix the EFI bootloader in Windows 11/10

Tips to fix the EFI bootloader in Windows 11/10

Hello Geeky, so today we are focusing on How to fix the EFI bootloader in Windows 11/10. So please read this tutorial carefully so you may comprehend it in a better helpful way.

Guide: How to fix the EFI bootloader in Windows 11/10

UEFI or Unified Extensible Firmware Interface is an extension of the firmware that can scan entries from partitions and boot Windows. In another words, it is an interface between the operating system (OS) and the firmware platform. Windows UEFI boot loader is responsible for configuring Windows OS and adjusting other devices on the laptop. If the UEFI boot loader is damaged or damaged, you will not be able to boot into Windows unless you get it back.

Here are the different ways you can fix the case.

Method 01: Using Automatic Boot Repair

First, and perhaps best, the way to repair a damaged EFI boot in Windows 10 is by entering the Auto Repair mode. Here is how:

Click into Auto Reset Mode

Power on your computer, as the boot files start to load, click the settings button. Repeat the process two more times. In the third attempt, Windows automatically enters Auto Recovery mode, and searches, searches, and attempts to automatically repair the damaged bootloader file from there.

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Restart the computer

Restart your PC after the bootloader problems are fixed. This ensures that all fixes and programs become effective, and that your Windows 10 computer is running smoothly from now on.

Method 02: Using Repair Commands

If automatic correction fails to fix the case, you can use Command Prompt to enter the repair commands manually. Here is how:

Go to the Troubleshooting window

Click the Advanced options button on the Auto Repair window, then click Troubleshooting on the Select option window that opens up Next. This will take you to the Troubleshooting window. You will see Advanced options button on the Auto Repair window when Windows fails to automatically repair the bootloader, and prompts you for further entries. At this point, you can either shut down your PC to try a different way to fix the issue, or manually solve the problem.

Go to the Command Prompt window

Click Advanced Options and click Command Prompt on Troubleshooting and Advanced Options respectively. This will open the Command Prompt window. Here you can enter the commands to manually repair the Windows 10 EFI bootloader.

Making orders

Click BOOTREC / FIXMBR, press Enter, press BOOTREC / FIXBOOT, and press Enter again. Where the BOOTREC / FIXMBR command fixes issues with the Master Boot Record (MBR) when running successfully, you may receive access to written error message while performing the BOOTREC / FIXBOOT command. This error can be corrected using a different command from the same Command Prompt window.

Fix Login is denied error

Press BOOTSECT / NT60 SYS and press Enter, and again press BOOTREC / FIXBOOT and press Enter. The BOOTSECT / NT60 SYS command update the bootcode code, and re-enter BOOTREC / FIXBOOT to execute the command successfully. The BOOTREC / FIXBOOT process updates information about transfer files.

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Identify Windows

Click BOOTREC / SCANOS and press Enter. This runs the BOOTREC command with the SCANOS switch. The BOOTREC / SCANOS process identifies the number of Windows installations installed on the hard drive.

Rewrite the BCD file

Click BOOTREC / REBUILDBCD and press Enter. This activates the BOOTREC command with the REBUILDBCD conversion. The BOOTREC / REBUILDBCD command also files the BCD, thus removing any issues in it.

Complete the repair

Click EXIT in the command window, press Enter, and then click Continue on the Select an option window. This closes the Command Prompt window, and restarts Windows 10 in normal mode. Successfully restart, you can back up up your data, create recovery points, etc. to ensure that future errors, if they occur frequently, can be corrected relatively soon and with little hassle.


Guide about How to fix the EFI bootloader in Windows 11/10

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