Tips to fix ‘Tinder Keeps Crashing on iPhone’ issue

Tips to fix ‘Tinder Keeps Crashing on iPhone’ issue

Hello Geeky, so today we are focusing on How to fix ‘Tinder Keeps Crashing on iPhone’ issue. So please read this tutorial carefully so you may comprehend it in a better helpful way.

Guide: How to fix ‘Tinder Keeps Crashing on iPhone’ issue

When Tinder continues to hit, it can be difficult to find a date. If you have problems keeping Tinder open on your Android or iOS smartphone, shutting down or updating an application always solves the problem — but what if that doesn’t work? Crash applications can be caused by many factors; Understanding the appropriate troubleshooting procedures can help you in solving your Tinder problems.

How to amendment

Restart the device. It does not hurt to restart your device to manage other cases.

  • iOS: Press down side button, then drag the slider on the screen to “Off” mode. Click button once again to turn the device on.
  • Android: Press down side button and then click “Power Off” on the screen. Press and hold button again to turn the device back on.

Open Tinder. Tap the Tinder icon on it home screen to try again.

View all running applications. Tinder can crash because it runs in memory due to many apps that open at once. To view a list of open applications:

  • iOS: Double-click Home button to view all running applications.
  • Android: Tap square button in the bottom right corner to install all open apps.

Buy the materials you want to keep. Closing some unused applications can help for free up memory and speed up your device.

  • In iOS, buy up on each app to close it.
  • Android users can purchase applications to the right.

Launch Tinder to see if it works best. If you still run into issues, keep troubleshooting.

Open your device application manager. Tinder recommends shutting down the application in the event of crash cases.[2] Start by opening your device manager manager:

  • iOS: Double-click Home button to view all open apps.
  • Android: Launch the Settings app and select “Apps” from the list.

Forced-close Tinder. This differs slightly depending on the operating system:

  • iOS: Ra up on Tinder.
  • Android: Tap “Tinder” to open your App Info, then click “Effect Delay.” If you are asked to confirm, click “OK.” Do not close this screen – you have one more step to finish here.

Delete Data App for Android. You can skip this step if you are using iOS. Deleting Android application data can help if there is data corruption. You will need to log in again after you have done this.

  • Tap “Storage” on the “Application Information” screen.
  • Click “Clear data” and then “OK” to confirm.
  • Launch Tinder. If you are using an Android and deleted App data, log back into Tinder when done. Try using Tinder to see if the problem is resolved. If not, keep troubleshooting.

Tinder update

Open the Store app (iOS) or Play Store (Android). Tinder recommends that you always use the latest version of software on your device. When Tinder updates the application, they are always preceded by bugs that make it incompatible with other applications. Start by opening your app store.

Find Tinder in the app store. Click “Tinder” into the search field and then select from the search results.

Decide whether there is an update. If the application needs an update, you will find it button that says “Updated.” If you already have the latest version, the button will say “Open.”

Click “Update” to install the application. If button says “Update,” tap. Your device will download and install the update.


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