Tips to fix “Videos not playing in Google Chrome” issue

Tips to fix “Videos not playing in Google Chrome” issue

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Guide: How to fix “Videos not playing in Google Chrome” issue

In the web browser market, Google Chrome is undoubtedly the dominant one. It covers two-thirds of the market share and by far hits other web browsers. It is available on both computers and Android smartphones. Since most internet users have Google Accounts, they prefer Google Chrome as their default web browser. But even this product manager is not immune to problems and may have many errors at different times.

One problem related to Google Chrome is the inability to play videos uploaded to websites. Many web pages have videos inserted that play when the page opens in a web browser. Generally, Google Chrome does not prevent video playback, but sometimes it does not work. The video player displays an empty screen or gives a message that the video does not exist. This description gives you all the valuable ways to play video seamlessly.

Try routes to resolve web video content on Chrome

Speed ​​hacks can help play online videos instantly in the browser on your device. Try these 5 areas and enjoy watching videos in Chrome in no time:

  • Play video in your Chrome Incognito window.
  • Watch your video in low quality. You can do it from the ‘Settings’ options on the video screen. Choose the lowest acceptable quality from the options.
  • Open a single browser window to play online video. Close all other browser windows.
  • If possible, try to record a video on your computer and then play it. If the video does not work or sounds choppy, etc., it may be damaged. You can try video editing software, such as Stellar Adjust for Video to adjust it.
  • Simply switch to another browser.

Fix internet connection

Videos cannot play in Chrome or save regularly, if Internet speed is slow. So check your Wi-Fi connection. Testing the Internet speed. Once disconnected and again turn on your modem / router. If the videos do not play on other browsers as well, contact your service provider, it may be a microphone problem.

Update Chrome

Any browser text should be included first by updating. Updates solve compatibility and bug related issues that may cause video problems in Chrome. Plus, the Chrome update will improve browser performance, speed, and you can also bring in new ones features. So, make sure you are using the latest version of Google Chrome. Here it is how to do you:

  • Open Chrome and click on the 3 icons in the upper right corner.
  • Select ‘Update Google Chrome’. If this option is not available, it means that Chrome has been updated.

Tan JavaScript

Most websites use JavaScript programming language to make their pages more interactive for users. If JavaScript is disabled in Chrome, you will not be able to play videos in the browser. This will also limit other services on the website. For example, you may not be able to right-click your account or web browser may not work, etc. So turn on or enable JavaScript in Chrome to play videos unnecessarily. Follow the steps below to activate JavaScript in Chrome:

  • Open Chrome and click on the 3 icons in the upper right corner.
  • Click ‘Settings’.
  • Click ‘Privacy and Security’ on the left.
  • Select ‘Site Settings’ on the right.
  • Scroll down to ‘Content’ and click on ‘JavaScript’.
  • Turn on ‘Old Man’.

Clear cache, cookies, and temperature files in Chrome

If your video is working perfectly in the Incognito window in Chrome, it indicates that cache, cookies, browsing history, and temporary files do not allow your videos to play in Chrome. Follow the steps given to delete the following files in Chrome:

  • Go to ‘Settings’ in Chrome.
  • Navigate to Advanced> Privacy and security.
  • Click ‘Delete browsing data’.
  • Click ‘Advanced’.
  • Check the items you have to delete such as browsing history, Record history, saved images and files, and Cookies, and other site data.
  • Click ‘Clear Data’.

Disable your plugins and extensions in Chrome

Extensions and plugins in Chrome can affect your browser performance. They can be even malicious, if inserted from suspicious third-party websites. Turn off extensions and plugins once and then try to play videos in Chrome. To turn off plugins, navigate to the ‘Privacy and Security’ option in Chrome settings. In ‘Content Settings’, activate the installed plugins.

To remove extensions from Chrome, click on the 3 icons on the top of the browser. Navigate to ‘Extensions’ via ‘More Tools’. Turn off the extensions you see here.

Reset Chrome settings

Installed applications, extensions, or plugins may have changed your browser settings. Configuration can restore Chrome settings to default, and your web videos can play again without any issues. Follow the steps below to reinstall Chrome:

  • Open Chrome and click on the 3 icons on top.
  • Click ‘Settings’.
  • Select ‘Advanced’ on the left. If you are using a Windows PC follow: Configure and clean up> Reset settings> Reset settings. Mac or Linux users can click to follow Configuration Settings> Settings back to their original defaults> Configuration settings.

Activate Hardware Update in Chrome

Application upgrade in Chrome uses your computer’s GPU to play high-definition videos or other complex graphics tasks for which the CPU is not enough. But sometimes, hardware acceleration may not be due to driver issues. This results in lags or freezing in videos playing in Chrome.

So try playing videos in Chrome by turning on Acceleration Hardware in browser settings. In the Chrome system, select ‘Advanced’ followed by ‘System’. Here, open ‘Use hardware acceleration while available’ and close the window after confirmation.


Guide about How to fix “Videos not playing in Google Chrome” issue

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