Tips to Fix ‘What­sApp Not Con­nect­ing on Android Device’ Issue

Tips to Fix ‘What­sApp Not Con­nect­ing on Android Device’ Issue

Hello Geeky, so today we are focusing on How to Fix ‘What­sApp Not Con­nect­ing on Android Device’ Issue. So please read this tutorial carefully so you may comprehend it in a better helpful way.

Guide: How to Fix ‘What­sApp Not Con­nect­ing on Android Device’ Issue

There are a couple of potential motivations behind why WhatsApp is not dealing with your cell phone. Fortunately, in most cases, you can adjust them in moderation quickly. If the application is broken, you can not send messages, or you experience some other issues, follow the link. tips under to get the application back again.

Restart the phone

  • The first thing is: it is advisable to restart it phone if WhatsApp does not work on Android. Unsurprisingly, the problem is caused by a bug that is somewhere around in the system. If so, then you are lucky. Just restart it phone in any way and continue we enjoy your chats.
  • To force restart your phonetite Down Power button for about 10 seconds. You can also do so from the Power menu: long-press Power button to show the power list, then tap on / Buy on Restart.

Check network

  • If you restart it phone does not trick, We also have many fixes for you, one of which is to check your network. As you already know that WhatsApp relies on the internet to do its job, you will not be able to send / receive messages if you phone is not local or your internet data is expired.
  • To test that, just open an application, such as Chrome, to check if your network is actually working. If it does not work, then there is a problem with your network. You can try to connect to a Wi-Fi network, switch it on / off mobile data, or simply check your data balance.
  • If your network is running idle but your WhatsApp is not working up, try other solutions below. Clear Cache WhatsApp and Data Like all other Android applications, WhatsApp always stores some data for a while to make it work properly and use fewer resources.
  • But these data, called cache, can become corrupted or not needed at some point, which can cause whatsapp issues to stop working on Android. To fix this you need to clear cache data for your WhatsApp. Simply follow the steps below to do so.
  • Open the Settings application on it phone, then click on Applications & Notifications. Click App Info or other options to view all apps. Now search and open WhatsApp from there. Select Storage & cache. You will find options to clear cache and data for the WhatsApp application. Clear cache to clear data cache for WhatsApp. Now tap back button, and press Force Stop to lock WhatsApp. On the same page, you can also try deleting storage data for WhatsApp. But be aware that you will lose your chat history. You should skip that for now until you try all the fixes in this thing.
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Update WhatsApp application

  • WhatsApp is custom made to update updates through the Google Play Store to fix bugs and introduce new ones features. You also have a feature which stops your WhatsApp from working if you are running an older version. To fix that, you need to update your WhatsApp from Play Store.
  • Open the Play Store on it phone and find WhatsApp. If there is an update, you will see the update button under the app. Click on it to update your WhatsApp.

Update the phone line up

  • Just like updating your WhatsApp, also make sure you have the latest software running on it phone. To check that, go to Settings> Settings> System Update> Online Update.
  • If any proximity system update is available, please connect to a Wi-Fi network to download and install it.

Is WhatsApp restricted in your country?

  • Yes, WhatsApp, or some of it features, banned in some countries. So, if you are in one of those countries, you cannot use WhatsApp.
  • If WhatsApp is banned in your country, you should see notification automatically when you open or try to register WhatsApp. We believe that there are more useful Instant Messaging applications – such as Telegram and Signal, which are allowed in your country, you can try them instead of WhatsApp.

Delete Data Storage

  • While ‘Data Saver’, on its own, does its job by reducing data usage wisely on applications you do not currently use on your screen, it can affect your WhatsApp performance. The effect is that you can only receive / send messages while WhatsApp is on your screen – it stops receiving WhatsApp notifications as soon as you leave one app for another.
  • To make sure that you do not miss any conversations when WhatsApp is not on your screen, kindly enable Data Savering. Normally, there should be a one-click change in your speed settings panel. Just swipe down from the top of the screen twice to open the speed settings panel, then find Data Storage from there and turn it off.
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Make sure that background data is not restricted for WhatsApp

Like turning on Data Storage, you should also make sure that your WhatsApp allows you to use the data in the background. While this works hand in hand with Data Storage, there is also an option on Android to restrict the use of background data.

Although it is not advisable to restrict the use of background data for your messaging and service applications, you may have done so unknowingly. To make sure your WhatsApp is working seamlessly, even when Data Backup is turned on, follow the steps below to use background data, and also clean WhatsApp from Data Storage.

  • Open Settings on it phone and then tap Network & Internet.
  • Click Use Data to view the amount of data your applications use, and other network-related settings. From there, click on Save Data.
  • Tap Unrestricted Data to view a list of allowed / unauthorized applications to send or receive data in the background.
  • Scroll down to find It is either you see a change next to it, or you see “background data is turned off” below. If there is a change, make sure the change is activated or activated itself.
  • If there is another way round, tap WhatsApp and activate background data from there. Also, enable unlimited data usage to ensure that you continue to receive WhatsApp notifications when Data Backup is enabled.

Turn it off and turn on Wi-Fi again

  • This seems simple trick. But it works when whatsapp does not work on android phone. If you have been on a network for hours, our lives have become idle.
  • To make sure that is not the problem, simply pull down the speed settings panel and turn off Wi-Fi. Wait for a few minutes before turning it on again. You should do the same if you are on a mobile network.

Check it out phone storage

  • Your WhatsApp may also be affected if you are running on a small repository. To ensure your overall performance phone never stop, always keep a tab on using your storage
  • In general, you should make sure you have up to 500MB or 1GB of free storage space on it phone. Simply go to Settings> Storage> Internal Storage to view your storage usage. If you are going down, consider deleting unnecessary items on it phone or transfer them to an SD card.

Also app favorites

  • If whatsapp does not work on android phone , you can try a configured app preferences. It was awesome feature on Android that helps you to restore the default application settings without deleting your data. Follow the steps below to reset the app preferences.
  • Launch Settings on your phonet then scroll down and click
  • From the system settings, click on Reset options.
  • Now, safely tap on Reset app preferences. Confirm the selection, then tap Configure Applications.
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Remove and reinstall WhatsApp

  • Repair your WhatsApp last, not least, the solution to fix WhatsApp does not work on it phone. It is the kind of one bugling in the head that you will miss your chat history in the process. But don’t worry, you can always keep a local / cloud backup of your chats before removing WhatsApp.
  • Moreover, some Android phone lets you store WhatsApp app data after uninstalling button. So that is safe if you get a patent on it phone. But before that, simply go to WhatsApp> Settings> Chats> chat backup, and click Back up.
  • After successfully supported up your chats, now head over to your app drawer. Long tap the WhatsApp icon, then click Uninstall button. If you receive a patent to “store app data”, tick the box and proceed. Now you can safely install your WhatsApp from the Play Store.
  • If you tick the option to “hide app data” before installing WhatsApp, you should be able to continue using WhatsApp as nothing happens after installation. If that is not the case in your case, you should get the option to restore your chats from local / cloud backup. Do so and continue to enjoy your WhatsApp.


Guide about How to Fix ‘What­sApp Not Con­nect­ing on Android Device’ Issue

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