Tips to Fix ‘What­sApp Notification Sound Not Working’ Issue

Tips to Fix ‘What­sApp Notification Sound Not Working’ Issue

Hello Geeky, so today we are focusing on How to Fix ‘What­sApp Notification Sound Not Working’ Issue. So please read this tutorial carefully so you may comprehend it in a better helpful way.

Guide: How to Fix ‘What­sApp Notification Sound Not Working’ Issue

Do you not hate it only when you send WhatsApp to someone and it takes them forever to see the message? They either ignore your messages or they do not receive WhatsApp notifications. Either way, it is a problem that needs to be fixed. If they tell you that they did not receive notifications for the messages, here are some tips on how to repair.

WhatsApp is the most widely used Instant Messaging platform in the world. It is one of the most useful tools that people use all the time and beyond. However, due to certain circumstances, you may encounter notification issues when using the application. This article will teach you 6 ways to fix WhatsApp notification sound that does not work in Android. You can also learn how to speed up Voicemail playback on WhatsApp.

Check internet signal

Essentially, like any Instant Messaging application, WhatsApp needs internet to work seamlessly. If in case the WhatsApp notification does not work on it phone, the first thing to check is to make sure you have a good internet connection. There are two things to keep in mind – check your data balance, reconnect to your Wifi, go to the area with the best internet signal.

Activate WhatsApp application notification.

Android OS allows users to change notifications independently for every app. This allows you to delete any information that you may find intrusive on you phone. Here, where your WhatsApp notifications are not displayed, you may have entered the wrong settings. Follow the steps below to re-enable WhatsApp notifications.

  • Open it phone System application
  • Select ‘Applications & Notifications’
  • Click the option to view all applications.
  • Now scroll down and tap WhatsApp
  • Tap ‘Notifications’
  • You will see a list of all notification options for WhatsApp, easily find any disabled and reactivate.

Check the Do not worry mode

If WhatsApp notification still does not work, there are sites that have turned on DND mode. Maybe you accidentally hit the speed settings. When activated Do not worry, it will turn off all notifications, including text messages, calls, and other applications.

If you can still not get your WhatsApp notifications, double check if you have turned off DND mode by turning on the speed setting panel and turn off DND settings. If you can’t find DND on your speed settings panel, go to Settings >> Sound >> Don’t worry, then turn it off.

Restart it phone

Restart it phone is also an important step during the attempt to fix software related issues like this. Although most people do occasionally, restart it phone helps your memory, release all the processes and fix some glitches. Therefore, if WhatsApp push notifications do not work on it phone, simply repeat it phone and try again. Just hold that power button for about 10 minutes to restart it phone automatically.

Clear the app cache

At the same time, make sure to clear the cache app for your WhatsApp. There are worlds that stack-up data becoming too much or too little for WhatsApp to work properly. Here it is how to do so.

  • Click the WhatsApp icon from the top of your app account.
  • Tap on ‘Info App’ or anything related.
  • Open ‘Storage & Cache’
  • Tap ‘Clear cache’.

Update the system

If none of the above fixes work for you, also make sure phone in up-to date. More often than not, some of us get system updates but forget them for no reason. To make sure all the apps and programs are working properly, easily check for any pending updates on it phone and install them. Here it is how to do so.

  • Open it phone System application.
  • Scroll down and select ‘Settings’
  • Now click ‘System Update’
  • Make sure you are connected to the internet and check for updates. If you find any, please download and install them.

Remove and reinstall WhatsApp

How about just starting from scratch? Maybe you have encountered a few programs that lead to WhatsApp notification problem. To fix this, you can just remove your WhatsApp and reinstall it. But before that, you may need to go back up your chats. Simply open your WhatsApp, open WhatsApp settings, then click on ‘Chats’, and then ‘Chats Backup’. You can safely back up your WhatsApp conversations to make sure you do not miss any pending conversations during the process.

After that, open the Play Store and find WhatsApp. Click on Uninstall button, then insert it again. After installation, you can safely restore your communications and continue enjoying your conversations.

Check Background Data Restriction

Something that may have accidentally or intentionally turned on while trying to save data usage, restricts the background data. While this is on, make sure that WhatsApp does not connect to the internet while you are not currently using it – even when it is just down. Here it is how to restrict background data for WhatsApp.

  • Open your app design and find WhatsApp.
  • Long press the icon and click ‘Application Info’ or anything related.
  • Open’Mobile data & Wi-Fi ‘
  • You will see how much data WhatsApp has used since last month, make sure ‘background data’ is turned on to make sure
  • Your WhatsApp is running in the background.
  • You can also turn on ‘Unrestricted data usage’ to make sure your WhatsApp is working even when Data Storage is enabled.

Update WhatsApp application

It is also important to be on the latest version of WhatsApp. WhatsApp has many users worldwide, and it is constantly working to improve the application. If you are running on a remote device afterwards, you may not receive notifications on it phone. Simply launch your Play Store and check for any available updates and installs.

Activate Power save mode

Power saving / Battery saving mode improves the battery life on it phone. It ensures a few apps are running in the background, and Android also uses AI to learn what kind of apps you don’t always use, then put them to sleep to save you more battery. But this can also frustrate some others features such as WhatsApp notifications you do not receive. Here, simply turn off Power save mode on it phone to make sure your WhatsApp works properly.


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