Tips to get Better end-to-end Supply Chain Visibility

Tips to get Better end-to-end Supply Chain Visibility

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Guide: How to get Better end-to-end Supply Chain Visibility

Recent “Black Swan” events, such as the Suez Canal Canal and the COVID-19 pandemic, have highlighted the weakness of supply networks and emphasized the importance of end-to-end visibility. End-to-final visibility is often defined as visibility from meeting to meeting, door to door, initiative to the end of the trip, or from provider to end customer.

According to Lloyd’s List, a global news delivery service, more than $ 9 billion worth of Suez Canal canal travel 120 miles per day, or up to $ 400 million per hour. Even if your items cost tens of thousands of that amount, and just 1% of that is just that, that would equate to a fraction of the inventory (service capital) of more than $ 96,000 per day, or nearly $ 35 million a year.

This is why the supply chain supply – and the business power it provides – is no longer an extension. It is a prerequisite for global trade in the 21st century to be sustainable.

How to manage supply chains

The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted supply and demand in many ways, from forcing industry and border closures, to creating violent surgeries at customer needs. Companies without the appearance of an end-to-end supply chain are striving to comply.

Managing supply chains requires daily planning of improvement – especially when the logistics are running smoothly. Supply chain decision makers regularly face thousands of blog interruptions from lost links and touch on lies and lost cause.

All of these small disruptions can accumulate and affect ‘local’ trade which in turn makes supply chains less and less available. In response, the logistics community has already begun to take concrete action and determination.

As revealed in the first report of DP World’s “Trade in Change”, 83% of senior supply chain executives say they are reorganizing their supply chain due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Resilience and agility

A major renewal of interest in the power supply chain in the coming months. A global survey by Gartner more than 1,300 supply chain experts found 87% of thought responses to invest in supply chain renewal within the next two years. The vote, held from September 2020 to November 2020, concludes that further investment in supply chain power is also possible in the coming years, with 89% of experts saying they intend to take sources to this area.

Apparently, supply chain reversal and agility go hand in hand. Agile supply chains give freight owners the freedom to make quick decisions, and allow them to resell products at any time, using integration solutions such as, which allows customers to carry freight intertwined by the sea at the pressure of a mouse.

SeaRates has been a part of the DP World family since 2020 and has been a key part of our company’s ongoing strategic partnership program. In line with DP World’s global strategy, SeaRates has invested heavily in technology to enable our free and transparent free shipping management system, streamlining the delivery process efficiently and delivering value to our customers.

For example, SeaRates allows you to follow every step of your cargo journey, giving you a clearly planned route before you set off. The Distance & Time application also provides an estimated arrival time for cargo to reach them final travel – regardless of how complex or multi-modal the trip may be.

By collecting rates from thousands of logistics service providers and independent freight forwarders under the Digital Freight Alliance, SeaRates Marketplace allows businesses to select shipments based on cost and / or speed. Meanwhile, the SeaRates Transit Planning application further supports the planning and visibility of your cargo route, allowing you to check schedules by route, port, ship, or carrier.

Improved end-to-end visibility

When you know where your luggage is, and where it will be located, you can make the right decisions to meet unexpected challenges. Which is why the appearance of end-to-end supply chain is such an important part of the solution to both blog interruptions and ‘Black Swan’ events.

DP World’s new mission of Logistics & Technology Trade is to help importers and exporters find their inventory and identify gaps in their current supply chains. SeaRates is an example of how we are making tracking possible, and offering more advanced tools, such as route planning and load calculation. These are the kinds of qualities that they all incorporate up to create noticeable benefits by increasing your supply chain and delivering many new innovations. All supported up through proven music recording, consistent customer service, with 24-hour helpline and easy access only digital solutions can provide.

Digital advances

Overall, the improvements made within our new division have increased our ability to help new and existing cargoes save time and maintain the best prices that global and local freight markets have to offer .

We will continue to develop new digital tools to support pilots and entrepreneurs throughout their daily business activities, and I cannot wait to share more innovations with you, soon.


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Tips to get Better end-to-end Supply Chain Visibility
Tips to get Better end-to-end Supply Chain Visibility
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