Tips to get Enhanced Task Manager in Windows PC

Tips to get Enhanced Task Manager in Windows PC

Hello Geeky, so today we are focusing on How to get Enhanced Task Manager in Windows PC. So please read this tutorial carefully so you may comprehend it in a better helpful way.

Guide: How to get Enhanced Task Manager in Windows PC

Unresponsive windows, excessive CPU usage, high disk usage, suspicious programs, and other issues creep up on Windows 10. When this happens, your main security line is Windows Task Manager. Despite the fact that Windows 10 brings significant improvements to Task Manager, it still does not.

That is why you should use a different task manager. The alternatives to the Windows Task Manager listed here are more complex, powerful, and, best of all, free. Why not give it to one of these sophisticated task management options and find out which one works best for you?

How to integrate the Task Manager for Windows

Eto Explorer

Although it does not have more advanced options to complete tasks, System Explorer is more complete all round process control and system monitoring application than many others. It also has a basic security scanner that can compare operating procedures to an online database and will offer to scan open processes in the first run. Unfortunately, the development of System Explorer ended in 2016. Read more:

Process control tabs have standard options to complete, pause or restart a task with the option of sending it to VirusTotal or Jotti for scanning, and Google search or online database. You can also set the processor core proximity and the main process but with the added power to make each program stand. There is also the option of “discarding memory usage instructions” which is more than the memory used for all operating processes.

In addition to Tasks, Programs, and Tasks tabs, you also get history recording, dll modules, network monitoring, opening windows / files, Autoruns, Drivers and monitoring / control Tasks, WMI browser , before and after images for files and registry, software uninstaller, Users, system security details and additional system information. Transfer and our installer features, replace our Service Manager in General Options.

Mitec Task Manager Deluxe

Mitec Deluxe Task Manager boasts a large amount of information and data that should please advanced users. The main window shows network activity images, system source images, and images that illustrate current processes using multiple sources. The program will be the default to display the Processes tab that outlines all current operating procedures on the system with relevant information.

Right-clicking on the process offers a number of options, including special modification and compatibility, terminate / pause / restart / monitor the process, open the browser window, open the PE viewer, and search on VirusTotal / Google. The final selection option will pop up up The annoying Monitor window closes the selected process. There is a lot of data available if you want to go through it.

Yet Other (Remote) Monitoring Process (YAPM)

YAPM goes with the Micro Office ribbon interface and is not only a task manager application but more of a complete workflow monitoring, management, and analytics tool with plenty of features. The system also promotes remote monitoring and shutdown features using WMI or YAPM remote server. For supportive purposes, there is also a photo option that makes a complete recording of everything in the program.

YAPM has some advanced performance execution methods that you can consider selectively using the “Delete Task by method” option in the text menu. These include the termination of the cords, beams and windows, or everything at once for the maker or lock mechanisms. There are also options to search the web for a process, view your dependencies, and also reduce your operating system which overrides the memory used of that process.

YAPM also has a separate hidden viewer process available by clicking on the green rock in the quick access tool bar. A large number of other services are available in the system including TCP / UDP monitor, Services Information, advanced file information, search application, and a digital signature checker. Windows Service Creator allows you to perform a task from a local or remote deployment file.

.NET Framework v2 / 3 is required for Windows 10 and 11 with the download and installation features available. Replacing the Window Task Manager can be done during installation or then from the Favorites window.


Guide about How to get Enhanced Task Manager in Windows PC

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