Tips to Get More Telegram Members Online

Tips to Get More Telegram Members Online

Hello Geeky, so today we are focusing on How to Get More Telegram Members Online. So please read this tutorial carefully so you may comprehend it in a better helpful way.

Guide: How to Get More Telegram Members Online

Telegram Messenger has made great strides in recent years and is still one of the most secure messengers ever! As you know, Telegram has many channels, each of which works for a specific purpose: business, sports, news, etc. One of the top concerns for Telegram users is increasing the number of channels and team members. when someone wants to join your channel or group. First, your current team will let you know and when you have a big channel you have big business and can sell more products. Because of this, many people choose to buy Telegram subscribers and grow their business.

As we know, with the revolutions of the world, we are falling into the hands of progress in science and technology. With the necessary changes in technology and technology, we find that we are entering a world where we have greater risks to our privacy and security compared to the previous world (or world before the development of media). media and internet).

But just as with the development of the internet and social media, we find that we now have a lot of instant messaging tools under our fingers that we used to communicate with other people. Such applications promise us many options such as voice calls (VoIP), video calls, photo sharing and even documents that can be sent from one site to another.

Get Telegram Members

Include members – friends and acquaintances of your friends

You can add up to 200 members of the first Telegram channel for free from your contacts. Once the limit of 200 is reached, this probability is automatically turned off. But you can also share your channel in private messages with your contacts and ask your friends to spread your link to their friends. Some good networks can increase 200-300 members in your channel within a few days.

Promotion on Social media

Use Social media for your Telegram channel promotion: share links on Quora, Facebook Pages, Instagram, or jump on the custom TikTok. Use your own areas, create new ones or ask for small roles to help you.

Participate in chat groups

It is easy to find chat groups on Telegram related to your channel title, that is why our world to be an active participant and sharing your channel link can gain new followers for you. Apart from groups from its niche, there are special groups for Telegram promotion, where everyone exchanges their links.


Once the channel reaches more than 5000 members, there are chances that other channels (of the same size) will get to perform a cross-promotion. The two channels promote each other and basically exchange followers among each other. The best event is to promote channels from close quarters (best deals for fashion + best deals for electronics; soccer betting tips + tips basketball etc.).

Telegram channel catalogs

Another way to get members for your channel or group is to post in catalogs. More than 50 catalog websites that you can access. One of the most famous and largest is Tgstat.

Paid promotions in Telegram channels

One of the most popular ways to promote channels and get real members. The idea is to pay admins to post for 1-24 hours in their channels. The cost of publishing depends on 1) the duration of your promotion 2) the size of the channel where you want to be promoted. An ad post brings from 0 to 500 new users in total, and these results depend on your ad content, call to action, channel content, performance in the channel where you are promoting. It takes strategic thinking to understand in what kind of promotion you should invest, the result is unexpected.

Targeted advertising

Another option of payment promotion is to use Facebook ads. Many programs can allow you to target your audience with 100% accuracy.

Ra bot

Going from 0 to 40,000 members a day? It’s easy if you incorporate fake Telegram members. Bots are not real followers or even people, they are user generated by special software. Basically, there is no use from these members (they will not see your posts, they will not buy your products), but they increase the actual number of your followers. In return, it can attract real users to join (newer subscribers better join big channels, not smaller ones). But there is a big problem: Telegram deleted these members. If you have 40,000 followers today, it does not mean tomorrow you will have them again.

Buy real Telegram members

There are online services where everyone can buy real Telegram members. This method hides the benefits of bots (speed development, fair pricing, recommendations – you pay for what you get) and paid advertising (real people).


Guide about How to Get More Telegram Members Online

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Tips to Get More Telegram Members Online
Tips to Get More Telegram Members Online
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