Tips to Google Search with in the MS Word

Tips to Google Search with in the MS Word

Hello Geeky, so today we are focusing on How to Google Search with in the MS Word. So please read this tutorial carefully so you may comprehend it in a better helpful way.

Guide: How to Google Search with in the MS Word

In the same way as other webmasters, I use Live Writer to create content as it allows writing and direct distribution more differentiated with different programs. All planned, incidentally, I used the Microsoft Office Word program for the same task.

While compiling material on Office Word, especially while writing on an application, now and again, I really want to scan the web for additional data. For browsing through the web, I really want to switch to a working internet browser (from the Word window), and this generally reduces my productivity, especially when I switch between Internet browsers and Word in most cases.

Given the fact that I can generally install Word and Firefox programs on each other to further the utility, would it not be interesting if it were possible to view the website directly from the Word program without leaving your view?

Them How to Google Search includes MS Word

  • Microsoft Word with one hand feature allowing the user to search the web for a selected word or phrase. Unsurprisingly, the default venue for this study was Microsoft’s Bing.
  • While Bing is somewhat unique features making it useful for certain types of searches, most people will want to use Google when doing searches directly from Office.
  • Microsoft does not provide the ultimate user interface option to change the Word search engine as it does with Internet Explorer, but you can also change the Word search engine to Google via quick access to the Windows registry. Here it is how to do you.

Change default search in Word from Bing to Google

  • First, open the Windows registry editor by finding regedit from the start screen (Windows 8) or by pressing the Windows + R key and typing regedit in the Run box (all versions of Windows). With Open Registry Editor, use the instructions on the left to browse to the following location: HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftOffice15.0CommonGeneral
  • To optimize the Word search engine, we will need to create two new values. To start, right-click on an empty space on the right side of the window and select New> Value. Mention the first value Provider Name. Then repeat the previous step to create the second string value and rename it SearchProviderURI (note that this last letter is a large “i” and not a small “L”).
  • Now double click on Provider Name and click Google in the Value database. Click OK to save the conversion, then open SearchProviderURI and enter the following address in your value database:

  • Once two changes have been made to the registry, you can go back to Word and test it (it does not restart and you do not even need to close or restart Word). The dictionary now shows “Search with Google” instead of “Search with Bing”. Any search queries left by this method will launch the current browser which is set as default in Windows.

Change default search in Word from Bing to Yahoo

  • As you can see from the steps above, there is no magic in setting the default Word search engine. Just provide the appropriate external search address in the SearchProviderURI entry and give your name correctly in the Provider Name entry.
  • For example, if you prefer Yahoo to Google, you can use the following values ​​instead of those listed above SearchProviderName = YahooSearchProviderURI =
  • You must provide the correct address for external search, so you can not only use “” or “”, but if you can find the right format for your desired search engine, you can use pretty much any. supplier of choice.


Guide about How to Google Search with in the MS Word

In this guide, we told you about the How to Google Search with in the MS Word; please read all steps above so that you understand How to Google Search with in the MS Word in case if you need any assistance from us, then contact us.

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